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  1. Imagine the evolutionary ladder and humanity standing on it. The material is that which is lower than the human being and on the same level. The spiritual is the ladder itself and what is higher than a person. But in the inner world of a person, these levels are intertwined. Therefore, the definition is not so clear.

    Man evolves. Into what? -Not in a flying crocodile or even in a transformer, but roughly speaking in a colleague of the Creator God. Humanity participates in the creation of the next form of being together with God. It is this Incomprehensibility, the Future of being, that is the spiritual. THE SPIRITUAL IS WHAT HUMANITY, BY AND LARGE, SEEKS TO CREATE (TOGETHER WITH GOD). Not a cyber-brain, but Something supermaterial., higher, holy. The spiritual world is the world that follows our material world. Which will be after the end of the world. But we already have it in our dreams, in our ideology, in our religion, in our art. And science develops thanks to the presence of a person's strongest creative potential. But science creates within the existing laws of physics and biology, and spiritual creativity is creativity in the highest sense, which goes beyond matter.

  2. The material is something that we can see, touch, feel, or study (if it is invisible as air).

    Everything material obeys the laws of physics (which God created for the physical world).

    The spiritual is primarily invisible, such as the human soul, it can not be seen, but it is there, but it is impossible to study it, since the spiritual does not obey the laws of physics.

    Or they are demons, but they are not visible, they also do not obey the laws of physics, but their action is always visible, (for example, madmen in a mental hospital, or when a Hindu dervish rises above the ground).

    The spiritual world also has its own laws that no one can break, God created them so that there is no hausa in the spiritual world.

  3. The spiritual is not material, not visible, not provable, not subject to the laws of physics, but the material is visible and can be studied by science. In man and in the world in general, there is both.

    Material things are known by the mind and sense organs. And the spiritual is known by faith, while the spiritual experience can be felt with the soul and try to rationalize it.

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