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  1. 1) To date, the visible structure of the Universe has been determined in the form of a three-dimensional cellular structure formed by galaxy clusters. The average cell size is 100 million parsecs with a wall thickness of 3-4 million parsecs. (1 parsec = 3.26 light-years) There are almost no objects inside the cells. The cell nodes are formed by intersecting arcs formed by galaxy clusters and represent superclusters that can contain tens of thousands of galaxies. The radius of the observable universe is about 15 billion years. light-years away, and its structure remains uniformly cellular throughout.
    2) Galaxies are structures of stars and interstellar gas. The number of galaxies is determined by hundreds of billions. They are divided into several types: spiral, elliptical, and irregular. Those, in turn, have varieties based on the features of the structure. Spiral galaxies contain a lot of interstellar gas in addition to stars, in the clouds of which new stars form. Spiral galaxies are large formations the size of our “Milky Way”, with a diameter of 100-200 thousand light-years. The number of stars in them is hundreds of billions, and clusters of interstellar gas are collected in the form of spiral arms radiating from the center, where the core is located. Elliptical galaxies reach even larger sizes, but they have no gas and star formation is complete. In elliptical galaxies, the number of stars can reach a trillion, and the stars themselves are very old. Irregular galaxies are the smallest, they do not have a clear shape, and their mass and number of stars are small. There are many young, hot stars and gas nebulae.
    3) In galaxies, stars often form clusters: globular and scattered. The largest clusters are globular ones, consisting of millions of stars. Most of the stars are located in the plane of galaxies, some form a spherical “halo” of the galaxy. star formation occurs very often in large groups in clusters of interstellar gas and dust. Stars are divided into 2 types. Type 1 represents stars containing only hydrogen and helium. Type 2 stars contain other elements besides hydrogen and helium; they were formed from secondary matter after the destruction of massive type 1 stars.
    4) Star systems. It is believed that the number of stars with planets is very large. Almost every star can have its own planetary system. The exception is large, massive stars, which by their active activity do not allow planets to form near them. At the moment, several thousand planets have been discovered in other star systems-exoplanets. The vast majority of which are gas giants, like our Jupiter.
    5) There is an assumption that along the perimeter of galaxies there is a mysterious “dark” matter that does not interact with ordinary matter, but exerts a gravitational interaction on it. And the space itself is filled with “dark” energy, which can be considered the energy of the vacuum, it gives the space the properties of repulsion. At the moment, the universe is expanding, as scientists assume, the expansion will not be replaced by compression under the influence of gravity, but will continue at an ever-increasing speed.

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  1. Honestly?! And fuck knows.

    The Strugatsky brothers have an amazing novel – “Picnic on the roadside”. I will act meanly and tell you its main idea and denouement. Some unknown civilization or its representatives appeared on our planet. No, they didn't notice humanity. It was a kind of “picnic”.

    If someone went to the forest or to the mountains, set up a camp, built a fire, cooked dinner… I go camping leaving the husks from vegetables, cans, bottles. Well, yes, there was an anthill nearby, but are you really interested in ants when fried meat is being cooked on skewers?! Then they packed up and left. Just like in the novel, some creatures also rested on the planet, littered up and went (or flew) further. And we earthlings go to that place of “rest”, pick up “garbage”, the nature of which is simply not known to us or beyond our understanding. Like ants, for example, drag a candy wrapper into an anthill, but they just can't figure out what it is.

    Why am I doing this?! And to the fact that our knowledge of the World, of course, allows us to judge its intended structure, but our knowledge is the knowledge of ants that have not even got out of their “anthill” – the planet Earth.

    Therefore, the structure of the world can be judged by virtue of both their complexes and knowledge, trying to avoid contradictions.

    For example, many people whose consciousness stopped at the age of seven think that God created the world. Who is God?! There was such a theologian Anselm a thousand years ago, he said that anyone who knows the concept of “God” does not need to define it. I did not believe the monk and tried to define God, and it turned out that “god” is something that a person knows without knowing. Or vice versa: without knowing, he knows. The maximum that people can do is agree among themselves about what “ignorance” they can supposedly know. This is what religions serve for. And since knowing without knowing is an extremely vague concept, there are about five thousand religions today. Even within the same religion, such “awareness-knowledge” is different. For example, Christianity today has more than three thousand denominations, churches or sects.

    Modern science has the advantage over religions that it studies the objective world, the knowledge of which is unified in the framework of the obtained experiments or observations. However, this knowledge is always incomplete. As one of the great physicists of the last century, Niels Bohr, aptly noted: any new theory about the world is actually an “addition” to the already known concepts and established laws of the world. The English philosopher Popper therefore put forward the term “falsifiability” of scientific theories. The translation from English is not entirely accurate. The meaning lies in the fact that any theory is scientific when it has the possibility of its refutation or (Niels Bohr) addition. And-constantly! That is, in science-there is no Absolute Knowledge! (In religions, God is absolute).

    Take, for example, the so-called “Big Bang Theory” (TBB). Its essence is simple: before there was nothing, there was an explosion and from one point, like a devil in a tobacco can, our world jumped out and began to expand quickly at first, and then more slowly. Today it is an established fact that galaxies – stellar formations in the universe-are constantly being removed. Even within the same galaxy, there is a “promotion” of stars. Moreover, with the help of sensitive instruments, the relic radiation of that “Big Bang” was discovered. There are several other facts in favor of this theory.

    It seems to be correct, doesn't it?! However, not everything is so simple with this theory. Astronomers, for example, have found regions where the light from galaxies came to us after about two hundred thousand years after the “explosion”. But during this period, the galaxies have not yet formed! Where did they come from then?!!! There are still a number of objections to TBV. This is not to say that the theory is wrong. But the fact that it is not complete and contradictory is for sure.

    If you descend from heaven into the microcosm, then here you can call the now popular quark theory or string theory. Each theory also has its own advantages and disadvantages. And even their fans and critics. My favorite science popularizer, Neil Degrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist-for example, does not accept string theory in principle.

    Therefore … “whether there is life on Mars, whether there is life on Mars – science does not know” (c). So it is with the universe. Science is only looking for answers… at the level of your own anthill.

  2. Many things are incomprehensible to us, not because our concepts are weak, but because they are outside the scope of our concepts. The universe is not only more unusual than we imagine, it is more unusual than we can imagine.

  3. You will advance your understanding of the universe if you understand the Big Bang correctly. The universe is the same at all points. It has no edge, no center. Just like, for example, the surface of a ball has no edge and no center. This situation is also true for the first nanoseconds after BV. In other words, a BW is not an explosion in the usual sense, when there is a center from which a red – hot substance is scattered in all directions. In the first moments after BV, the universe was, as it is now, the same at all points, it had no center and no boundary. It was just very dense and very hot everywhere. This is now a huge distance between galaxies, and then it was a boundless sea of super-dense plasma with a temperature of a billion degrees. Density and temperature dropped rapidly, the distances between particles increased, and the first stars and clusters of stars – galaxies-began to form.

    The second question about the universe concerns time and space. We should not make these concepts absolute. Space is not the receptacle of matter, and time is not the universal arrow on which universal events take place. Space is simply the distance between material objects. Without matter, this concept loses its meaning. So it is with time. Without matter, there are no events and no time. But that's not all. It is firmly established that if the clock is set in motion, it will start to lag behind. But movement is a change in spatial position. It turns out that space and time are closely related. It is believed that these concepts are like different facets of one complex concept, they are inseparable.

    Further. It is often said that space-time can be curved. This happens near planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, etc. Curvature means that the shortest distance between points is no longer in a straight line, but in a curve. We perceive the curvature of space-time as gravity. We know that we are attracted to the Earth. This simply means that near the Earth, space-time is curved (but so slightly that it is impossible to measure it with a ruler). Since there is no space without matter, and matter is always gravity, it turns out that space-time and gravity are one and the same thing. That is, matter, gravity, space and time are all different facets of the same entity. This is the universe.

  4. The universe is the totality of everything that exists in Nature, of which man himself is a part. “Universe”— “Universe” – – – means “directed towards a single goal,” and our main question is where does the universe go? Everything in the universe has a purpose, and from a philosophical point of view, we are interested in the ultimate meaning of the movement of everything that exists. It is obvious that the entire universe is so purposefully arranged that it forms a unity, thanks to which all beings, despite their great diversity, strive for a single goal and are guided by the same mind. With respect.

  5. How the universe works, no one can say specifically. There are only assumptions and everyone has their own, perhaps even correct. My assumption is that black holes accumulate and process matter into a primary state in the form of tiny strings of energy. When a certain amount is accumulated, they form their own space and then these strings are injected into it in the form of a big bang, where matter and another universe are formed from them. Just like our universe was formed, from the big bang. Black holes are like buds on a tree that form other universes.

  6. The dream of a Single Reality, functioning according to clear patterns – To be, To be Aware of what is, To be Eternal, for this, unique in detail, at the same time, unchangeable. All this added up, you can get a clear understanding of everything. And it's not difficult.

  7. The space of the Universe is expanding rapidly and it is not empty, but filled with a physical vacuum and matter: dust, asteroids, planets, stars and galaxies. The physical vacuum is an integral part of the space of our universe. It includes both the quantum boiling of the vacuum and the Higgs field, which gives matter particles mass. Space itself is discrete, it consists of ultra-small discrete elements, and due to the processes occurring in them, the post-space of our Universe expands, including at an accelerated rate.

  8. Folk wisdom says :” if you want your whole life to be surrounded by charms, miracles and magic, it's enough not to study physics in school.”

    Therefore, if you really want to understand how the universe works, then finally start learning this very physics.

    After mastering the school physics course, it is recommended to enter a technical university or engage in self-education in the field of physics, for example, amateur radio.

    Then everything will become clear and such questions will not arise.


  9. It is not clear, because mathematicians can not justify what happened before the Big Bang, and physicists have such misunderstandings piled up, as they themselves are not afraid…

    For some reason, many astrophysicists really want the space before the explosion to be dense, incandescent photon energy.

    Some believe that there was a point and a vacuum.

    And in this hot spot, surrounded by a vacuum, photons ran back and forth so as not to die. And then bam, this red-hot mass actually exploded.. And it turned out, supposedly, such a bubble of explosion, surrounded by a vacuum. They probably really like this idea.

    Probably, these smart guys were from terrorists and indulged in TNT checkers in their time. But their heads were cooled and this theory was considered erroneous.

    Others believe that at first there was a boundless energy space of running photons and the whole space was ignited at the same time.

    In how!!! And burn everything with a blue flame! To spite the bourgeoisie, we will fan the World fire! These are probably already explosive revolutionaries who have reached power. The mafia generally has its own laws.

    So they implemented this theory in all textbooks, blowing up the brains of ordinary people.

    Now the townsfolk agree on what TO SEE! in the small the whole big world and the whole big world lives in the small atom!

    A photon is a bundle of energy in the form of a donut-torus. I think that the clever people in the street are imagining that if the whole WORLD is a PRODUCT of ENERGY, and the photon is a bagel. So why can't the Planet Earth be FLAT? And off we go!

    A bagel that holds the core inside, which rotates this bagel. There is already a debate about whether the Earth is round or flat. Here is someone who has a money job.

    This is what you can get to with such theories about the Energy of the Photon that forms the entire primary universe.

    But then it's even more interesting. It turns out that A PHOTON CAN ALSO BE in the form of a wave . And this wave is divided into TWO EQUAL WAVES connected by a common charge.

    And again A FLASH OF BRAINS! These two photon waves gave rise to the Idea of Two Worlds being Parallel.

    And already some clever people are broadcasting: there is a second Earth like this. You just need to get over the Wormhole, which the Spaniards invented and opened in 2016.

    In general, all cosmogonic science is based on a Miracle!

    Of course, how do you understand these weirdos with their original energy!

    But even Aristotle warned modern scientists that the primary was precisely Matter that had not yet formed into the universe.

    Even God warned in the Bible: I told you that I separated the Light from the Darkness!

    And GOD added: Let there be Light! Wo how strongly said!

    And only then did God create the Sky (I think that God meant the stars and planets). I collected water. It is now known that heat and water are released during chemical reactions. And God created the firmament and the water. And the spirit of God hovered over the water, which GAVE LIFE! The water evaporated and the Divine Spirit-Breath-Air was formed)

    And God said it was good!

    Everything is simple and clear. The clever uncle was a God.

    But scientists are not God's children, they have their own idol-Invisible Energy that bang and explodes and bang cools.

    and lo and behold! Out of NOTHING (out of my folly)Out of THE INVISIBLE, out of ENERGY, lo and behold! Matter appears in the form of baryons, and then protons.

    And the same life-giving process of Nucleosynthesis begins, finally, to which these eccentrics come after a long torment.

    There was, of course, in 1930 the hypothesis of a Cold Initial Universe. The hypothesis that the primordial matter of the universe at the initial stage of its evolution consisted of cold neutrons and had zero entropy and zero lepton charge

    But THEN the smart guys suddenly saw that there is much more hydrogen in Stars than helium. The energy is HOT in the primordial universe! – exclaimed the smart guys from science.

    The primary universe is hot and dense, according to the verdict of academicians from science. And then there was the Big Bang of the dense energy of the primordial universe.

    And the fact that helium is heavier than hydrogen. Helium sinks down the core of the Star and displaces hydrogen to the surface. .And in the course of Thermonuclear reactions inside the core of the Star, helium again decays into hydrogen, for some reason passed by the hot heads of oddballs.

    And so, in this way, the theory arose and still exists that the primary universe is dense with photon energy . The universe is hot and explodes, then cools and condenses to matter. And then stars and planets are formed,

    Over time, the stars die. Stars, bang, and collapse well into very dense cores of energy.

    Non-matter in the form of particles cools down, that is, it loses light energy and some of the others and goes back to the state of Dark Matter.

    No, this arrangement of the root cause of matter does not suit academics. They only need the Energy that Matter has turned into in the Stars, and there is no going back. Dead so dead.

    So only the Energy of the Stars bang and collapse into a dense core of Energy.

    And this core bang and falls like a pit, into a Black Hole. Yes, it falls so much that it pulls a Hole, like a string bag, into an elongated flask. How I got into the pocket.

    AND SILENCE! And the dead with braids are standing. There is no time, no space. And this reptile-dense ball also bends space.

    In the horrors that are happening in the universe!

    Einstein made a dead end in the Black Hole and closed the coffin lid.

    Maybe that's why sinners are afraid of death. The fear of God is to fall into such a Black pit: you live and suffer in the trap of curved space. What terrible visions you don't see and know that there is no way out.

    It is said that the priests in Egypt used mirrors to set similar traps for people. And now, with the help of radiation, they say that experiments on people are put on and inspire these boiling brains with all sorts of nasty things.

    But back to the dead end-Einstein's black, joyless pit.

    It was refuted. In 1974, Stephen Hawking suggested that black holes, as a result of quantum processes, still emit a variety of elementary particles, mainly photons. In the 2010s, various groups of scientists in the laboratory confirmed his assumption.

    What does this mean? That energy, along with matter, is still in the Black Hole. And this matter is in the form of elementary particles specified by Stephen Hawking. Well, at least somehow recognized the matter.

    If you ask my opinion, I am convinced that only Matter can be a carrier of various Energies, including Light.

    Dark Matter in the course of Nucleosynthesis, when Hydrogen deuterium fused to create Helium, the Energy of Matter Movement began to be generated in the form of various energies. During the Cycle of Nucleosynthesis, the first chemical elements were formed up to Nickel and its Iron derivative.

    As soon as the energy of material particles reached the Speed of Light, Photons, carriers of Light, were formed.

    This Was The End Of Cold Fusion. Because with the Energy of Light, Thermonuclear Reactions began with huge energy releases, because the NUCLEI OF CHEMICAL ELEMENTS began to COLLAPSE. So the Stars began to form.

    Subsequent chemical elements after iron began to form in Stars and Planets. And billions of universes were created

    And where did the Initial Cold Fusion take place?

    My opinion is that it is the Black Hole of Galaxies that creates the first chemical elements before Nickel and Iron.

    .And this was not a big bang, but a warm-up to the Synthesis of a Cold Thermonuclear reaction. Therefore, the SYNTHESIS of chemical elements could occur. And then the Bright time of the existence of Stars and Planets begins. Let there be Light of photons! When Dark Matter became Luminous

    My opinion: in Stars there are Light-burning Thermonuclear reactions, in which there is a rapid process of synthesis and destruction. Therefore, Stars are quickly formed and quickly extinguished, having exhausted their capabilities.

    In the photo, the Naos Star is on the left and the Sun star is on the right.

    But in the Core of the Planets, and especially in the Core of the Planet Earth, it is Cold Thermonuclear Fusion that takes place, and the same Synthesis takes place in the cells of living organisms and in the human body.

    And this makes it possible to synthesize the entire Periodic Table, both in the Earth's Core and in the nuclei of Mitochondria in living cells of the Human Body.

    Cold fusion in the Core of Planet Earth gives hope for a long and happy life for humanity and the planet Earth.

    The one who knows how to properly produce (SYNTHESIZE) and remove slag-destruction, he LIVES HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

    Moreover, there is still knowledge about the Energy of the Biofield of the Human Body. There is also Knowledge about the Energy of the Noosphere, which is part of the Energy of the Luminous Ether of the Earth.

    The Noosphere is the Energy of Consciousness of the Long-term Memory of all generations of people who once lived and live at various Energy levels of the Luminous Ether in various Human energy bodies, starting from the densest physical (biological) to human etheric bodies of various energy levels and up to the most plasma bodies of a person who has all the Life Experience and Power of all

    But this is another article.

  10. everything is clear, for those who are looking for answers. Some questions, personally, took me my whole life to answer. Levashov describes a complete picture of the universe, especially colorful and simple on video, I recommend. The search engine will easily find you information about the Levashov six-beam. Books are also easy to download on the Internet, there is audio. Until I found a description of the universe, it's better.

  11. A wise book says:

    “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

    The sky is the universe. How does it work? with your mind:

    “The Lord founded the earth with wisdom, and established the heavens with understanding” (Proverbs 3: 19).

    He also arranged the universe with wisdom:

    “He created the earth with His power, established the world with his wisdom, and spread out the heavens with his understanding” (Jer. 51: 15).

    Would you like to get to know the Creator of the universe better?

    “…that they may know You, the only true God … ” (John 17: 3)

  12. Everything becomes clear when you start studying all the physical phenomena in the universe. Without knowledge of physics, all phenomena seem mysterious and incomprehensible, and even magically fantastic.

  13. Nothing is clear not to you alone, but in general to all scientists on this planet). It's all too complicated for us to understand) The world is so arranged, ” less in more like Russian nesting dolls)”, and so on ad infinitum, but it seems this is only one of the directions), there is a bunch of everything else. If everything is interesting, why not try to find out for yourself, do science?

  14. I can advise you to inquire about the theory of Viktor Dmitrievich Plykin.there are videos of his lectures on YouTube. But remember, this is just a version

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