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  1. Art first of all teaches people to see the beautiful, lays down the concept that, for example, to create is good, and to destroy is bad. With the help of cognition of art, a person becomes spiritually developed. For example, literature (one of the forms of art), teaches us both censorship, and even more to understand and understand this or that thing. So morals and art are very much interlinked with each other.

  2. Absolutely any art is connected with morality to the same extent as any social phenomenon. Art is not disconnected from the social structure. This means that it interacts with moral norms in one way or another.

    Another question is that art can either cooperate with morality, or counteract morality, or be on the borderline. Here everything depends on the moral position and moral image of the artist himself.

  3. Art teaches us to see the beautiful, literature (one of the art forms) educates us. The author uses the text to influence a person and help them understand a particular thing

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