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  1. I think this problem is well illustrated by the “brains in a barrel” thought experiment. It was first described by Hilary Putnam in his Philosophy of Consciousness, but Descartes sowed the seed of doubt.

    The essence of the experiment is as follows:

    if we put a living human brain in an isolated space, for example, in a barrel, while preserving all its properties, and then connect a system to it that creates visual, auditory, sensory and other illusions of living reality (by acting on the nerve endings of electrical impulses), will such a brain be able to understand that it is actually in a barrel, and not in a human skull, and

    What is Putnam's solution to this problem?

    In short, the statement “We are brains in a barrel” is self-negating.

    Putnam argues that in the world of brains in a barrel, no idea would refer to the reality that it refers to in the real world. For example, the idea of a” tree ” for brains in a barrel does not mean a real tree, but a set of electrical impulses that cause this thought, even if the brains in the barrel themselves represent a tree. So if the brains in the barrel think “I see a tree”, it doesn't mean that they really see a tree. The same applies to the statement “We are brains in a barrel”:

    1. Let's say we really are the brains in the barrel
    2. If we are brains in a barrel, then in our statement “We are brains in a barrel”, “brains “does not mean brains, and” barrel ” does not mean a barrel.
    3. If the statement “brains in a barrel” does not mean brains in a barrel, then the statement “we are brains in a barrel” is false.
    4. If we are brains in a barrel, then our statement “we are brains in a barrel” is false.

    Back to your question.

    1. If we live in the Matrix, then any of our words and thoughts have no connection with the objects of the real world that they are intended to mean. They mean only the illusion that the Matrix creates for us.
    2. Let's assume that we actually live in a Matrix.
    3. If we live in the Matrix, then in our statement “We live in the Matrix”, “live” does not mean live, and “Matrix” does not mean Matrix.
    4. If the statement “living in the Matrix” does not mean living in the Matrix, then the statement “We live in the Matrix” is false.
    5. If we live in the Matrix, then the statement “We live in the Matrix” is false.
    6. Congratulations, we don't live in the Matrix 🙂
  2. If we accept that it is technically possible to create virtual reality in our world, and there is no reason to believe otherwise, then there is also no reason to deny the possibility that we are seeing a “simulated” world of a higher reality around us. It is almost impossible to estimate the probability of this, since to estimate the probability, you need to have statistics of such worlds, and we have only one case – ours.

    So the probability definitely exists.

  3. It makes sense to estimate the probability of a particular event if it is possible to verify this estimate in reality.
    Our choice of believing in one of the infinitely possible futures, choosing actions based on this belief, distinguishes us from choosing a program that generates one of the variants of a computer illusion, which operates within the strictly limited framework of a set of finite options known in advance.
    The future in the matrix would be one hundred percent predictable. But this is not observed. So the probability of this happening is zero.
    It is the uncertainty, probabilistic nature, unpredictability that distinguishes the matrix from reality, so the question was beautifully paradoxical.

  4. The system cannot be understood from the inside. Its laws are impossible outside, and therefore inaccessible to the understanding of those who live in it. Only a mind that transcends understanding can know the truth. In this regard, it is easiest for madmen.

  5. 100% – each person lives in his own matrix, in his own idea of the world, its laws.

    we all live in illusions, especially when a person enters into a relationship. He expects something, hopes, attributes some qualities to his partners, friends, colleagues, and superiors (which they may not have at all), and interprets behaviors and events based on his position. Moreover, this interpretation has nothing to do with reality.

    The ability to wade through your own illusions, cognitive distortions and interpretations to reality is very important and not everyone has it.

  6. Yes and No at the same time.

    “Yes” – we evaluate, react and consider not reality, but our model of it. Evidence is optical and other “deceptions” that our consciousness creates for itself. Example-seven notes and seven colors of the rainbow. In nature, there are no colors and sounds, especially sevenfold ones. There is a continuous chain of vibrations and frequencies.

    “No” – yet this artificial virtual model is built on the basis of the available influences of the Universe.

  7. No need to be clever. Remember your most vivid dream, which seemed real. Only the brain worked there. Did it really hurt you? Thinking back to all those dreams, I couldn't think of a single one in which I was really hurt from a bruise or a fall. But in reality, even an injection can hurt. Prick yourself. Where are you?

  8. The world around us is a reality, but in many ways we have a distorted view of this reality. For example, people have long believed that the Sun revolves around the Earth. Hegel identified three levels of logic:

    • the logic of being

    • entity logic

    • concept logic

    The overwhelming majority of information about the world remains at the level of being. Hence the distorted view of reality

  9. Hello. I'll try to answer more simply. What is a matrix-A matrix in mathematics is an object written in the form of a rectangular table of elements of a ring or field, which is a collection of rows and columns at the intersection of which its elements are located. A matrix in physics is a condensed medium in which isolated active particles are placed in order to prevent interaction between themselves and the environment. Naturally, we consider the matrix in physics. If we were in the matrix, we wouldn't be able to interact with each other. And we INTERACT, so we are outside of it.

  10. The probability that we are in the matrix is very low. But, as fiction and another script for a blockbuster movie-a very high probability.

    There are a lot of scientifically proven refutations that we don't live in the matrix! These proofs can easily be found on the Internet.

    One of the most interesting philosophical articles (link to it below), I recommend reading it! 📖👇

  11. What a matrix, what are you talking about, we are a biomaterial, a creature, an adaptation to this planet. Once the planet is depleted, we will launch our DNA cells into space before they find a similar environment. It's just a cell's journey through the galaxy. We on this planet and appeared I think, launched the cell, and it developed according to the evolutionary scenario. It makes sense to transport people, the cage is easier, especially when we realize that we are reincarnating :).

  12. zero probability. And all the speculation about the matrix (simulacrum) is just a fashion brand replacing the belief in an ephemeral god and the dream of the immortality of the soul.

  13. If you include the Big Bang theory, the first pages of the Book, the theories of quantum physicists…Then = YES. If purely on * materialism* (you can feel it), then NO. 1st Big Bang-chaos, ordered chaos, place of orderliness., self-awareness, Word (energy-informational impact), Explosion and remaking of the place in *the image and likeness, i.e. the universe…. 2. Quantum Physicists have recently proved mathematically and somehow that there are more than 11 or 14 dimensions (according to Lobochevsky) and more than 100 of them, which can be described somehow…Thus, the energy-informational entity that created all things (the universe) affects ALL energy-informational entities (sapiens, animals, etc.)….stones,..) and the more * the entity* has willpower (intelligence) the more it affects (interacts *with quantum physicists*) CHO gives the basis for the fact that we live in the Matrix of God ( energy information matrix)….. well, another 100 – 200 pages.

  14. We live in OUR OWN interpretations, acquired in the family. The matrix is our identity, consisting of family scenarios. This is NOT EVIL, but the initial game chip for becoming a person in spite of family and social attitudes.

  15. It's not real you think just a lot of us do not wallow� and you can remember a lot of things be careful on the darog in the car and at night read books�

  16. I think the probability is quite low. If you drop the philosophy, and try to imagine the creator of the matrix-there must be a goal that justifies such a large-scale project. In other words, the reason why so many resources are spent to maintain it.

    And they are huge – you need to store the state of each elementary particle in the solar system, at a minimum, even if we assume that there is nothing outside. And also calculate their interaction every unit of time.

    For all the “experiment” options, I make a much smaller ball in the place of the matrix creator and settle everyone inside, not outside. Getting the same thing, but thousands of times lower costs.

  17. AM🇦🇲։ Մենք ինքներս ենք ստեղծում մեր աշխարհը, մեր երևակայությունը ճանապարհ է տալիս դեպի ամեն ինչ։
    Մեր աշխարհը պատրանք է, թե ոչ, կախված է նրանից, թե ինչպես ենք մենք ընկալում աշխարհը: Ինձ համար մեր աշխարհն այն է, ինչ ես տեսնում եմ, և ես գիտեմ, որ կարող եմ փոխել իմ կյանքը այս աշխարհում:

    RU🇷 🇺: We create our own world, our imagination puts us in the way of the sun.
    Whether our world is an illusion or not depends on how we perceive the world. For me, our world is what I see and I know that I can change my life in this world.

  18. My opinion is that the probability of living in an illusion is very small. It doesn't make sense. There are about 200 billion stars in our galaxy, the same order of galaxies in the universe. Levashov has an idea of a Metaverse, in which there are 9 classes of universes of different levels of complexity. Other questions about such a picture are futile. The world in which we exist can be either a “natural” existence or a “project” of Superintelligent entities. Levashov's essence is unearthly, which is very likely. All success and good luck.

  19. Fifty-fifty is not yet possible to check in any way, and you will not be able to check. So we're in the same superposition as Schrodinger's cat. To summarize, the question is meaningless. Everything will remain as it is regardless of whether we are in the Matrix or not.

  20. This is a very interesting topic that can be discussed for a long time, but we will never come to a common opinion, we can only guess… It is a pity that we are not given answers to our questions.

  21. Have you seen enough movies? Transexual bros (Wachkowski) and not such a crap as smoke (thump) can be filmed.. What I imagined, (the whole movie is ready… :).. We live in a matrix and solve logarithms and integral equations. Why are there some banal potatoes and expensive bananas? :).. And we do not bend the spoons with the power of thought, but we will break wooden spoons and *firewood* (after all, metal ones were handed over for scrap in order to buy bast shoes and feed the bear).. And here it is an Illusion (in the form of a squirrel) and jumped..

  22. Zero! We exist in the real world, which was before us, will be after. Even when, in four billion years, the Sun goes out, our living conditions collapse, and humanity disappears – although I think it will finish itself off much sooner – but the real world will remain! We are in it temporarily, but it is eternal. Once there was no sun, but the world existed! There was something before the Big Bang, when our collective intelligence was still billions of years away. The fact that we have different ideas in our heads, sometimes very delusional, does not change the essence of this real world. Some processes took place inside the Earth, and a volcanic eruption began on the Palm Tree. And this is in real life. We can now sit on a bench, put our hand to our head and think of something, but this will not stop the eruption or other real processes around us. We can slightly, for a couple of millimeters, interfere with these processes, for example, sprinkle reagent on the cloud and it will stop crying rain. But this will not stop the formation and crying of other clouds. Therefore, it seems to me that all these matrices and much more are mind games. No more than that!

  23. What if I asked this question in the future, and you heard it in the past and asked me in the present? Or was it the sound of a bird that froze like a web of thought in your head, and I brushed it away as I passed?

    jaslunpolhs rome tothe I

  24. Everyone has faced such questions, I can understand every single person with this feeling, you can make compliments to a person, help them with what another person can't do that is important to them.

  25. There is one strong saying that may have been given personally by Shakyamuni Buddha, if not misinterpreted. It opens up space for further reflection and more accurate conclusions on the question about the “matrix”.

    “Those who ascribe ultimate reality to phenomena are as stupid as a donkey, but those who deny reality are much more stupid.”

    The Buddha said that all phenomena are “like the reflection of the moon in water.” The reflection of the moon in water, or the image in a mirror, or a dream, cannot be said not to exist at all, because they can be seen. But they don't really exist, because they don't have any reality. However, to conclude that everything is unreal, because the mind is intangible and empty, to deny the principle of causation-karma-is a big mistake. To think that nothing has any meaning because it is empty in nature is wrong.

  26. Hello!

    Depending on what interpretation you put in your question?

    Metaphorical, figurative, or real

    If your question is taken as a metaphor, then I think exactly the same!

    Where the matrix is Society and everything where we live, with whom, how, where we go.

    And around the illusion is already really and here is an example: computer games, social networks and illusion, as a metaphor, is fashion, artificial obsolescence, constant improvement of some microwave oven, in which we think we also need it. It is precisely the task of many advertising companies to create a pseudo-need for this product.

  27. In a book by F. Farmer, there is a text that says that the GODS played a variety of games that resemble games on EARTH. Then something distracted the PLAYER, but the mechanism is up and running, perhaps until someone comes up with the idea to change something in the game. and then…where to find us…

    How does our life differ from life in today's electronic games, which evolve and gradually repeat everything that surrounds us?

  28. It seems to me that in the context of our reality (illusory or real) this makes absolutely no difference, since we have no sense organs that can distinguish “reality”from” unreality.” To some extent, we are really in an isolated space: our eyes are unable to recognize infrared / ultraviolet waves, the glow emitted by electrical objects… Our perception of reality is limited, and we have only the faintest idea of many things. If the matrix turned out to be a reality, and reality turned out to be a matrix, this would not be the worst outcome:) Absolute freedom is not combined with comfort or human priorities.

  29. The question of the illusory nature of the world (maya-the illusion of reality) I also put on Hinduism, and then Buddhism



    In the modern formulation of the question, we really talk about the “dream of Brahma “as a” matrix “- computer emulation/simulation, and not just about the distortions caused by chemistry and memes (Stanislav Lem, “Congress of Futurologists”.

    Indeed, a technical civilization on its way to the level of super-civilization must create many virtual worlds. And when life and intelligence evolve there (the most interesting option), the process becomes recursive. So that… yes, very likely.

    Another thing is that “Brahma's dream” is our only reality at the moment. Illusions? In the same Marxist definition, “objective reality given to us in sensations” – that is, it exists outside of us and not only for us, but not inside our consciousness and is given to us in direct sensations, the dream of Brahma… materialized!

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