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  1. Although many believe that each person is given a unique Guardian Angel on their birthday, Scripture neither confirms nor refutes this view. In an article about Guardian Angels, I read that each of them is very powerful and one Angel can help a huge number of people. The main thing is not how many Angels help us, but whether we respond with gratitude to their help or grumble at God for not giving us material prosperity right here and now.

    It is not possible to find out the name of your Guardian Angel at the moment. There is an episode in the Bible when Samson's father asked an Angel for his name. But he did not name it, saying that it is strange or strange for people. Perhaps he meant that to understand the name of an Angel, you need to speak the heavenly language, which Samson's father did not know.

  2. According to the Christian belief, a person is given one guardian angel. His personal name is not given.�

    But at birth or baptism it is given, the question is not dogmatically resolved. The most balanced answer is that any person can have a connection with a spiritual entity. But for the unbaptized, such a connection is episodic, and for the baptized, it is established as permanent.

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