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  1. There are no ideal conditions for any person, even if it seems that there are such conditions – this is self-deception, people get tired of everything sooner or later, so I think a person in ideal conditions will last a month, maybe less, because it's all individual

  2. All my life. For example, the ideal conditions for me are my favorite job, the opportunity to improve myself, my hobbies, and a full-fledged vacation. All this is already there. And I hope it will be. So I live in perfect conditions.

  3. The Japanese, creating good conditions for elderly people, have achieved longevity . The median age was 83 years. Joy, faith, healthy lifestyle neperemenie conditions of longevity. I think you can live in ideal conditions for 80-100 years. Man man-body, century-100 years!

  4. 120 years can live in the mountains, in the absence of stress and lack of bacteria, as well as in the presence of minimal physical labor and healthy food. Bad habits are excluded.

  5. An ideal person can live in perfect conditions for eternity. But having imperfections will destroy these ideal conditions.

    In general, this refers to Being, where there is an eternal ideal world, but some souls fall out of it, because they want imperfection. Since the spiritual world is unchangeable and indestructible, these souls fall into the specially created material world, where souls full of imperfections are collected. And as soon as they try to create ideal conditions here, they immediately destroy them.

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