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  1. Everyone determines the price of their time for themselves. Someone a week for a penny, someone a minute for a million. The question of life aspirations, views / beliefs and your own psychology.

  2. Exactly as much as the person is paid for it. The janitor's time is paid at one rate, the unemployed person at another, the president at a third rate, and the owner of a business structure at a fourth rate. There is no uniform “tariff for all” under the capitalist system.

  3. Depends on whose. Warren Buffett's time, for example, is worth more than Roman Abramovich's time, which in turn is worth much more than the time of the so-called ordinary person. But all these prices don't matter in the face of eternity.

  4. Divide your monthly salary by the number of hours worked and get how much your working hour is worth. That's how much your time is worth personally.

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