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  1. If we take into account the fact that no law of physics prohibits time travel, but we have not seen a single traveler, then the end of the world will be very soon, because it means that humanity has not lived up to the creation of a working time machine, given that we are already doing experiments on moving a laser beam into the past. In my opinion, humanity will not live to see the year 2200. The reason may be the most banal-the Sun is not a naturally stable star and most stars periodically flare up throwing huge energy into space and destroying everything around them. I think soon the sun will also release energy and it will be the end of the world. Yes, some form of life may remain, but the person will definitely die.

  2. There are different time periods in our universe. The period in which we are now living is called Kali Yuga. Its duration is 432,000 years. 5,000 years have already passed since it began, so there are 427,000 years left. After that, there will be a period called Satya yuga. At the moment of transition from one period to another, there will be a partial end of the world: various cataclysms will occur on earth – volcanic eruptions, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, and meteorite falls. It is impossible to avoid this, as it happens strictly on schedule.

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