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  1. Philosophy is a highly applied discipline that seeks answers to questions related to its competence. As long as these questions are relevant, the search for answers to them is also relevant, especially since these are questions to which it is impossible to give a final or correct answer, but it is only possible to offer some solution. For the most part, these questions can be reduced to the form of ought – how should one act? (ethics), what should be considered a science? (scientific methodology), on which we should base our knowledge (epistemology). The history of philosophy is more theoretical, and like any other history, it increases our understanding of a particular area of human activity in its development.

  2. People are divided into philosophers and non-philosophers. For the former, philosophy has never been relevant. For the latter , it has always been so. Because philosophy is genetic, the 21st century doesn't change anything. However, the effect of radiation on gene mutations is not yet fully understood.

  3. The correct question is how relevant the 21st century is to philosophy at the moment.. The answer is that it has a certain narrow, not immediately noticeable philosophical spirit, but it is dirty, depraved, consumable-transhumanistic, online-Internet and lifeless-inhuman..

  4. It should be noted that the relevance of philosophy has always been, but it was expressed, rather, in its potentiality than in reality. And, we should expect <and> in the 21st century and beyond, in theory, the relevance should increase. Since those questions and problems that face a person, society and the world, no other discipline can solve and resolve, besides philosophy.

    After all, to avoid talking about: questions about the nature of man, about the world, about the place of man in the world, humanitarian issues, etc. “these are philosophical questions. And these are undoubtedly (and essentially) what philosophy should be concerned with, but, of course, the philosophy that will acquire <new> features and a system of science.

  5. How relevant is physics, chemistry, history, or sociology today?! Philosophy is a mirror of the epoch. By what questions people ask themselves and how they answer them, you can judge the state of their consciousness, culture, the development of society and, ultimately, its prospects…it is interesting to do this, come to us! �

    Become a real philosopher

  6. I think that philosophy will always be relevant, because it begins where a person starts asking rhetorical questions and looking for answers to them.

  7. I read that philosophy has lost the weight that it had before. I remember that the philosophy of language remained relevant (something that Noam Chomsky was doing, and Wittgenstein and Roland Barthes were famous in the past), and Marshal Ma-cluen's research on media was close.

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