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  1. A real philosopher can and should be a modern practical Sage –

    be methodically and scientifically-practically highly productive,

    effectively and optimally solve all acute problems of life activity (or promote such solutions).

    Textbooks like “Practical Philosophy” provide a sample.

  2. I think, therefore I exist. In fact, I think and think that I exist. Try not to think and you will see that you are not thinking, but you are thinking.

  3. A real philosopher is, first of all, a competent philosopher. What does literate mean? Speaks the “philosophical language” and does not violate its rules (syntax and grammar). Let us assume that philosophical language is an existential language (the language of ultimate reasons), which are the cause of themselves (self-causal, self-basic). And if in his reasoning the philosopher places the beingness in something else (i.e., violates the beingness, the self-foundation of being phenomena), then he acts illiterate. Soaping correctly is an art form. Can I learn it? More likely yes than no.

  4. One of the clever ones said that ” a philosopher is a person who makes a simple thing difficult.” I believe that there is truth in these words, and they also contain the answer to your question!

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