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  1. It's not the climate at all. Take a look at Norway, Sweden and other Nordic countries. People live very well in small towns. For example, I can stand cold weather well, I hate the south in general. The hot climate and the large number of people depress me. I don't think I'm the only one. And I am sure that if the level of salaries across the country is equal now, Moscow will immediately become half as much. Most people live and work in large metropolitan areas solely for the sake of money. I would love to go to live in a small northern city if I knew that the income level would be like in Moscow. The Internet makes it possible to get information everywhere. You can also go to the cinema, museum, exhibition or sports event on a weekend. The big city doesn't give you any benefits. Getting to work in one and a half to two hours, as is often the case in Moscow, is nonsense. A quiet, measured life in a small town is better. In the north, or in the south, it doesn't matter. The main thing is the level of income and infrastructure development.

  2. As soon as there are highways and railways, air routes will become cheap and goods and services will be delivered there at prices comparable to those in the rest of the country. And along with goods and services, schools and hospitals, people will also reach out.�

    In the meantime, to settle in any Yakutia is to be in the ass of the world and pay for a flight to Ishim-money comparable to a transatlantic flight.

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