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  1. I liked the post)) How nice to see people like you :DDD I agree in everything, except for the question of pleasure, since even if you refuse them, they still remain, for example: when I haven't eaten for a long time, the food will already bring pleasure; when I worked and went to rest – pleasure, after I went to sleep – pleasure; I would say to limit myself to those pleasures that you can not get away. And point 5 – work where you want and where you can, work in what you love, work for the common good and get pleasure from it, pure pleasure, because bringing benefits you would not want to feel good. Well, the Internet for the sake of development, although this is a controversial point) Peace of mind)) and the world))

  2. If you are interested in a practical recommendation, then I will not tell you the background. However, I can recommend the film “Simeon the Hermit” for general presentation. Now, as for the basic requirements for an ascetic.

    1. Force yourself to give up social media and any entertainment content. Ideally, from the Internet and mobile communication in general, if your path of self-improvement allows you to do without scans of books and lecture notes posted on the World Wide web. Of course, no TV shows, movies, music, games, or TV.

    2. If you are not burdened with a debt to your family, force yourself to live without attachments to people. No sex, no pleasure. No fun or laughter.

    3. No drinks other than water. Only the simplest food in small quantities. No spices, seasonings, sugar or salt. The food should be extremely fresh, tasteless and, if possible, always the same.

    4. Minimal sleep. Sleep only on the hard drive. Best of all, on boards. No frills in clothes and shoes. Only things that are physically impossible to do without in your climate. Bathing should also be kept to a minimum. The water should be either ice cold or very hot. No swimming in the sea, swimming, sunbathing.

    5. All the money must first be distributed to relatives or to charity. You can only have the minimum amount of money required for physical survival. To earn them, go to the most difficult or unpleasant job: as a loader or toilet washer.

    6. If you have a headache, do not take painkillers. Endure. Medications should only be used in life-and health-threatening situations.

    7. Avoid public transport. You can only walk within the city limits.

    8. You can do sports, but without feeling euphoric about it.

    9. Give up all pride and ambition.

    10. main. Renouncing all the joys of life and your ambitions, do not encroach on the right of everyone to live their usual “sinful” life. A person is given free will, and he has the right to dispose of his life, time and body as he wants, as long as it does not go to the detriment of others. Therefore, the “righteous person” has the right only to advise, but not to impose. The planting of “holiness” is from the devil. Examples of “righteousness” being inculcated are numerous: from the Holy Inquisition to ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation).

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