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  1. “Do what you must, and be what you will” can be paraphrased into a more understandable phrase: “You can't escape fate.” The value of this, by and large, will not change.

    There is no unambiguous origin of this saying. Its authorship is attributed to several different people and is present in many languages, from Latin to Hebrew. It is believed that it was first pronounced by Marcus Aurelius and it sounded somewhat different: “Do what you must and what is destined will happen.”

  2. This is the motto of the Knights of the French Order: fulfill your duty (your dharma, your destiny, realize your talents, what you were born for) and do not worry about the rest (if fate is destined that it will not work out, so be it, But You, my dear friend, do everything in your power).

  3. I've always felt that this is just a call to do what is required or necessary of you to achieve the goal, and not worry about the consequences. We can't guarantee that everything will be the way we want it to be, but we can do our best. And it makes sense to focus on just that.

  4. Do what you must and come what may-it means that the debt is higher than life. When you live by this concept, it is more important for you to do the right thing as your duty dictates, rather than neglect it for the sake of momentary gain or public opinion. It is the failure to fulfill one's duty that carries irreversible consequences, it is like connivance-I knew it, but I did not do it. conversely, performing one's duty to a person always pays off.

  5. In any difficult situation, rely on intuition and acquired knowledge(logic of actions). In other words, enlist the help of an expert who knows the scheme or system. Release the brakes and contact the expert.

  6. It means that someone is a very efficient person and is ready to take responsibility for their actions to the last, despite the fact that this may threaten trouble.

  7. Keep the Creator's commandments literally, without interpreting them, and do not follow the “professionals” , but follow the knowledge of the truth, the light of knowledge that gives about loving your neighbor as yourself. The result will be on the face.

  8. Do what you think is right and don't worry about the consequences.

    The first part encourages you to follow yourself, your heart, act according to your conscience, and strive for your true goals.

    The second part means trusting life, the world, and higher forces. We are part of the universe, and we should not be afraid of the future. The main thing is to do the” right thing ” as your heart and mind dictate, and life will take care of the rest.

  9. A person's understanding of a phrase reflects their level of optimism and self-esteem. From absolute submission and not caring about the result. Until you fully immerse yourself in your life's work and believe in the best. But this phrase is not for understanding, but for action-do, not think. Self-motivator!

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