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  1. We can roughly distinguish two very noticeably different directions in Buddhism. Pali or southern tradition, schools based on the ancient Pali canon. And the northern or Sanskrit late tradition, schools that rely not only on the canon, but also on commentaries to the canon compiled hundreds of years later.

    Here bodhisattvas are a concept characteristic of northern Buddhism. This is the name of the selected path. When a person attains enlightenment, opens up the freedom of the mind, and renounces hatred, greed, and delusions, he can devote his life to teaching other people and beings how to approach happiness. When a bodhisattva attains nirvana in life, he does not consciously pass into the final parinirvana. As if it is on the border of samsara and nirvana. If ordinary people reincarnate out of attachment to life, then a bodhisattva reincarnates dispassionately, without attachments, with only the motivation of showing kindness to people, with the goal of transmitting the teaching, with the desire to help all living beings.

  2. Life examples. For example,

    A. S. Pushkin's fairy tale “About the Fisherman and the Goldfish”

    . Fisherman-wandering soul (spiritual personality)

    . Old woman-irrepressible desire (passion)

    . Goldfish – a fisherman's “divine” ability to possess everything.

    . The sea, the ocean – all the fullness, all the knowledge, all the benefits… “God.

    An enlightened spiritual person, a ” Divine soul “or a” Fisherman ” who has taken the Bodhisattva path, does not seek his own, but feels in the depths of his divine essence that he is everything.

    The old woman (passion) for her, the achievement of Paradise or without it, the qualitative state of the divine all turns into a merit in which she and God andJudge and Hell for wandering souls (fishermen) in the incarnate state and posthumous qualitative conceit of bliss about myself – I'm not like all of them and here I am in a well-deserved paradise, and sinners suffer-Is this Paradise???

    Basically, all immortal souls are Bodhisattvas. Stand only difference that one Pioneers-Flagships, others will become By them in the time allotted to them and all together will becomeWhat you must become at the end of the cycle of present Eternity.

  3. Each person seeks the truth of life in his own way. I discovered my ancestral faith. A lot of things fell into place. You just have to live, enjoy, do what your soul wants. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself, because you can't fool yourself… And the most important thing in my faith is that mother earth is alive. And it is necessary to treat it very carefully, in actions, in thoughts even. I don't have a basic knowledge of religions, but I don't think it matters. The main thing is to be elementary decent, and this is not easy… The universe that contains that universal mind, GOD, God the Father, whatever you want to call it, It's alive… And each of our thoughts is given in the distance by a shudder, especially if it is negative. I think we need to realize this as intelligent beings, if that's what we think we are.

  4. Explain in simple words that this is a soul that has been freed from the cycle of rebirth and death (has gone beyond the Wheel of Samsara) and instead of dissolving into Nirvana, has taken it upon itself to save those who are still suffering in the cycle of rebirth and death, to help them by example, to inspire, to give strength. For this purpose, baddhisattvas acquire a body and preach a Doctrine.

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