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  1. All these “questions” are driven into you from the outside, aren't they? Someone forces you to learn (what you are not interested in), give up bad habits (which give you pleasure), and so on.

    So your real question is: “How do I make myself meet the requirements of the people who are important to me, who I depend on and who punish me for not meeting their requirements?”

    And here the answer is one: either you obey these requirements and fulfill them point by point, otherwise you will be “a-ta-ta” (as they say, God suffered and ordered us), or you send everyone to fig and live your life-realizing and accepting, of course, all the costs of this business.

  2. If you want more details, read the books “willpower” by Kelly Mcgonical and “atomic habits” by James Clear. Both have TEDTalk on this topic. Or, on YouTube, find reviews of these books, there will be all the most important thoughts in a condensed form, but of course it would be better to read the book.�

    Also, read Jordan Peterson's” 12 Rules of Life ” and I highly recommend watching his lectures on YouTube. Perfectly puts the brain in its place) this is not positive psychology, where people are taught to smile, enjoy life and blah-blah-blah. Peterson honestly says that life is not a fairy tale, everyone will have a lot of difficulties and suffering, our task is to take responsibility for ourselves and our fate. Fight with yourself, your weaknesses and shortcomings to achieve what you want – that's when your life will be full of meaning.�

    If you really want to radically change your life, then “life hacks” that will give you motivation for 2 to 3 days will not suit you. You need to work on yourself. Quote from” atomic habits ” in free translation: You don't rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your habits.

    Think about this phrase.

  3. Find “like-minded people” or at least one. It's always easier to climb a mountain with someone else. Not �say �I � some � special �to overcome �bad habits, but I do �know �prevents �to overcome them, �and when �know the roots �reasons �already �easier � �to solve �should you overcome and whether �is �efforts. If the front �such �long and �interesting �life on the horizon �looming prospect of � �to build �your �own Paradise on �earth � this is awesome � motivation! �But �often �that �motivation acts � feeling �guilt � before � by �him , he did not �something � important � that �required �during �plays. �Conscience, too �very powerful �motivator ,and perhaps only she � � makes �me � from time to time to tear �ass off the couch ). �Look at �me �and �not achieve �my �state , believe me ,it �a dead end . While �you are young � and you �have the power � build � your �future work �on � your �future, because so �will not �always . Fatigue and old age ” takes “their toll . �Do �while �can .

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