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  1. There are many ways. It all depends on the area in which you land.�

    Let's say it's a train station. What's stopping us from going for free? Turnstiles!�

    METHOD ONE. For stowaway bodies.

    What can we do with turnstiles? Bypass them! How? There are many ways.�

    All the existing holes at different stations were found experimentally: people simply walked around the entire station, went to the end of all the tracks and looked for loopholes there. Some train stations have service passageways – you can use them. So, for example, at the end of the tracks of Moscow's Rizhsky railway station, there is a path that leads to the service passageway, and this, in turn, leads to the parking lot of trolleybuses and buses, through which you can enter the city. You can read it in the VK public under the name “Electric train”, there is a lot of information on this topic, but there is a minus-there is nothing by region. But you can ask in the group, maybe who knows.�

    • Pros: we explore the world, get a lot of new knowledge, sometimes get in good physical shape, get to the train station without a ticket.�
    • Cons: we may not find the hole at all, we will have to go for a long time, sometimes in the dark and in the mud, there may be security guards or police at the platform. �

    METHOD TWO. For daring stowaways.

    The essence of this method is to RUN after a passenger who has a ticket. Either by prior agreement, or without it.�

    • Pros: fun, bold, get to the train station without a ticket.�
    • Cons: there may be security guards at the turnstiles, sometimes they like to race.

    METHOD THREE. For lazy stowaways.

    As already mentioned, you can buy a ticket to the nearest station. If there is a benefit, then there will be a 50 % discount. In the suburbs of Moscow and St. Petersburg, one tariff zone is 22 rubles.�

    • Pros: we pass through the turnstiles without any problems, go to one zone/station with a ticket.�
    • Cons: spent money, you're lazy.

    How to avoid getting caught is written here. Here's what to do if you get caught.

  2. Buy a ticket for one station further, and sit in the center of the train somewhere 8 cars, and you will need to look up ( 9,10,11, etc.) They will go from there. When they will be like, even if very close, just go in the other direction, the controller can not follow you, he needs to look at all the tickets, and do not run away as soon as the first stop is, just change to another car ( run around them) and so on 3 times

  3. I don't see a problem-we follow the youth-where they go in addition to the allowed trajectory. However, you will have to jump, climb on the platform, etc. and it does not work at all stations. There are stations where there are no turnstiles.

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