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  1. Strictly speaking, the Pareto principle does not exist. So you won't be able to justify it, but as practice shows in many cases, to do 100% of the work, you need to do sooooo much.

    I like two examples, one I call the “rule of three” and the other “iPhone”

    Rule of three — in order to study well, you need to study for three, the world will have enough of this. It takes a lot more time to learn something by five than it does to learn something by three.

    Perfect illustration —экза Exams. Classical exams mean that the student (student) must study 100% of the material and be able to answer it 100% well and thoroughly. This forces students to take 1 conditional question out of 100 and study it in as much detail as possible. Then take the second question and also study it in detail. Often this means that I can study from 20 to 80 questions out of 100 for the exam, but I have studied everything thoroughly. Because of this, I am stressed “suddenly I will get a ticket that I didn't teach”

    The rule of three tells me that I can take 1 question out of 100, and study it for three, literally “I have heard and know something”. One question takes less time. I reach for the second one. I study it for a C grade. Each question is given faster and easier, it takes less effort. This leads to the fact that I study all 100 tickets for the top three many times faster, there is a lot of time left before the exam. I can study some questions in more detail in the remaining time, I can repeat the study, but up to the level of 4ki, or I can just do more interesting things, relax.

    This principle also applies to work situations: I want to learn how to do a top-three job, but so that everyone feels good. and then the iPhone appears

    the first iPhone, when it came out, could do very little. it did not have a voice recorder, video and clipboard, and this product still became successful, and with subsequent updates and releases, the iPhone learned to do everything necessary.

    this is well written on the website of Artem Gorbunov

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