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  1. As Comrade Gazmanov sang, you just need to live, live and not grieve. While you are writing questions on The Question, no guarantees will appear(they should not exist at all, in theory). Move on, create them yourself.

  2. Fun and playful. The greatest boredom and unhappiness is when you know exactly what will happen in the future. Look at it better from the other side — if there were any guarantees, then you would want to live with such guarantees even less.

  3. Well, actually, there's one guarantee: we're all going to die for sure.
    Well, or I will definitely die, if you don't like the first option.
    If you try a little harder, you can guarantee that the ratio of the circumference to the diameter will remain unchanged, that the square of the number will be greater than zero, and so on.
    And if you strain yourself a little more, it turns out that these banal guarantees are quite enough to live a normal life.
    If there is such a desire, of course, and if you have a little brain to constructively overcome the vicissitudes of fate.

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