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  1. In my opinion, in order to realize your existence, you must first accept yourself. Just the way you really are. without lies and hypocrisy in your address.�

    After all, how can you realize your existence without knowing who you really are? By denying and avoiding problems, opinions, or thoughts that are at odds with your own opinion or judgment.

    And so, in order to realize your existence, you need to:
    1. Accept yourself, openly and honestly.�
    2. Recognize the mistakes of the past, accept them.
    3. Draw conclusions, work on errors.
    4. Slap yourself in the face (well, you never know, mistakes drove to despair or worse)
    5. Set a specific goal that you think is not achievable, outline ways to approach it, and set tasks.�
    6. Break the block of main tasks into smaller ones that can be solved easily.�
    7. Follow the plan
    8. Doing good, no matter what. Giving emotions of delight or happiness. to another person, you feel that you are living.

    All this is exaggerated. and conventions. The question is very extensive, if it is considered not from the point of view of psychology, and not in the context of personal problems, and the inability to socialize, etc., etc. then we can say that this is almost impossible, although there are a lot of theories and interpretations of the answers to your question. For example, in any sect you will be answered.

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