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  1. From the point of view of applied psychology, the main way to get out of an uncomfortable situation that you are being dragged into is to take on a role that is the opposite of the one that they are trying to impose on you.

    A rude joke is designed to simultaneously break the distance between you and lower your status in the eyes of the joker, others and yourself.

    Accordingly, the reaction is to make this distance maximum, and to designate one's own status as disproportionately higher than that of the joker. Of course, this requires both erudition and good self-control )

    Examples: “Your face looks swollen today… Did you drink too much yesterday?” “Listen to me. I understand your fundamental inability to think or talk about anything other than drinking. But would you mind taking a break now and then and not boring me and our friends with your teeny-dumb jokes?”

  2. it depends on who's joking

    you can tell one person that a drunk man will oversleep but a fool will never

    otherwise, don't respond

    and so on

    you can play along-like yes, I'm swollen-lessa harya will crack

    there are a lot of recipes-but the main thing is self-confidence

  3. Option 1: You can go down to the level of the “joker” and respond in kind. It will be spectacular if you do it publicly.

    Option 2: . Most likely, your opponent does not shine with intelligence, or tries to assert himself. Often rude jokes have a mate, or offensive meaning. Come up with something intelligent, but remember that your opponent must understand you .

    Option 3. Pretend that you didn't hear the insult directed at you. Avoid conflicts. You never know what is on the mind of this “joker”. This option is suitable if you came across a rude person on the Internet.

    option 4. The most stupid one. But this option works well if you have great physical strength or have connections. Intimidate your opponent. Let him know that you are not to be trifled with.

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