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  1. You need to start with the fact that you first need to find your real Master. And from the literature, first I would recommend reading / listening to the translation of Nickosho-Eckhart Tolle's “The Power of Now” (The Power of Now).

  2. If you are really interested, start by studying Eastern traditions( Buddhism, Hinduism) and philosophical trends( India, Tibet, Japan), where you will find all the origins of the above.

  3. In fact, it doesn't really matter where to start. You will definitely find a starting point depending on your own deep preferences, if you have the intention to Start.
    Start with what you're most interested in, “where the energy is going.”

    But be careful… There are many people and other forces in this field who can take advantage of your inexperience. Be reasonable, honest with yourself, and don't believe everything at once.

  4. Why do you need this? Tired of living a quiet life? I tell you this as someone who has tried it in his life…run away from all this, these practices are not from the light forces!!!

  5. Start with yourself and work on yourself. Vedic astrology is the Vedas that guide and energy practices. Read books, enlightenment is the best education.

  6. Everything you need to get started is in one book, The Science of Self-Awareness. There you will learn what the Vedas are by whom and why they are written, how to study them, what is important and what is secondary.

  7. not from what, but from whom. from yourself. first of all, understand that only you are your own teacher, otherwise you will be brainwashed and put on an energy needle. treat any “teacher” and information with a neutral attitude, without idolatry, enthusiasm and hype

  8. How to start doing all the other things: read books, attend lectures, watch videos on youtube, visit some centers, groups, classes. Gradually, you will come to understand what exactly is closer to you, you will gain some experience, and you will learn to distinguish between what is boring and what is something worthwhile. The main thing is to keep a little critical attitude and follow common sense. It is better to start with some proven teachings (for example, Buddhism).

  9. Well, I'll recommend you my selection:

    1. J. Murphy: C* – algebras and operator theory

    2. M. Karubi: K-theory

    3. B. Blakadar: K-theory of operator algebras
    4. M. Atiyah, I. MacDonald: Introduction to Commutative Algebra
    5. R. Hartshorn: Algebraic Geometry
    6. K. Face: Rings, Modules, and categories
      I will not say for the chakras, but you will have enough esotericism for the rest of your life.
    1. From the selective cap to Hogwarts;

    2. With the ritual murder of your sanity;

    3. From finding a good huckster in your neighborhood;

    4. From the collection in the regional library of the Necronomicon translated by Agnia Barto;

    5. With admiration for the ageless Sofia Rotaru;

    As you can see, there are many options…

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