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  1. In general, different people have already answered similar questions here many times. I think it makes sense to look at previous similar questions and answers to them, there is also a lot of interesting things there.)

    But still, I think it makes sense to answer here.�

    I think first of all you should start with good educational literature. At the same time, you should start not just with a textbook of philosophy, but with a textbook of the history of philosophy. Here to help you Reale, Antiseri ” History of Western philosophy. From the origins to the present day” is an excellent book that also contains a textbook. Also for familiarization, I think it is worth paying attention to the textbook of the history of philosophy edited by V. V. Vasiliev. Nam also has an overview of Eastern philosophy.

    Next, you should pay attention to the textbooks of philosophy, with the help of which you can get acquainted with general questions. Here I do not even know what to offer in reality. In addition, pay attention to the logic course. It is not the least important in the study of philosophy and it should be taken up immediately.�

    Regarding the works of individual authors, this is already the moment when we stand on fairly firm feet in the study of philosophy. And there are two options here. Or read something in the course of studying philosophy, for example, if we are talking about Plato, then these are his dialogues “The State”, “Phaedrus”, “Theaetetus” and others. If we talk about Aristotle, then this is “Metaphysics”, “Politics”. Also, for the most part, read excerpts from works. On the other hand, we can read only what interests us, but we can get acquainted with everything else with the help of an introduction and only that. One way or another, it will not be possible to pay attention to all philosophers anyway.�

    In addition to Plato and Aristotle, who else should be read, in any case, not least I think it is Descartes, Hume, Nietzsche. I mention these names because I personally found it quite easy to understand their ideas, and also because they occupy quite important milestones in the development of philosophy. But again, you need to understand that before reading these authors, you need to get a certain background. It is necessary to understand where these personalities stand in the history of the development of philosophy, the era in which they wrote their works, their own fate. You should definitely get acquainted with all this at least briefly.

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