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  1. There is an excellent book by Justine Gorder “The World of Sofia”, which conveys philosophical concepts in simple language, as well as introduces the reader to a historical excursion. Then you should read “A Brief History of Thought” by Luke Ferry.
    “History of Philosophy” from Moscow State University will allow you to immerse yourself in the subject, as well as choose directions for independent study. You can study metaphylosophy, or you can choose a specific field: I chose analytical philosophy for myself. Honor and good luck.

  2. The answer to this question depends on your experience and personal characteristics.

    Still, I can recommend books that every philosopher should definitely study.

    1. Fragments of early Greek philosophers. Part 1. From epic theocosmogonies to the emergence of atomistics-Lebedev A.V. (comp. and per.)
    2. Democritus. Texts. Translation. Research – Lurie S. Ya.
    3. Sophists. Issue 1. Issue 2 Makovelsky A. O.
    4. Plato. Collected works in 4 volumes. Izd. Mysl
    5. Aristotle. Collected works in 4 volumes. Izd. Mysl

    Textbook – “History of Philosophy” edited by V. V. Vasiliev, A. A. Krotov, D. V. Bugay.

    Then you will understand for yourself what you need. The main thing is to follow the chronological order. I wrote in more detail in the article https://vk.com/@nefilosof_books-c-chego-nachat-izuchenie-filosofii

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