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  1. Osho, commenting on Nietzsche, said: “According to Zarathustra, man is a rope stretched over a precipice. On the one hand, man is connected to the animal world, and on the other hand, he has a passion, a desire to go beyond the human – for man is not an entity, man is just a bridge; it is something to pass through, it is a ladder.

    But millions of people do not try to go up at all because of a completely understandable fear: from the moment you start to go up, there is an opportunity to fall down, to fall. A small misstep… and the terrible abyss is very close. A person can become much worse than any animal.

    Man can surpass even the gods, for all gods are made up by men. He can reach a much grander reality than his fictions – that is his height.

    Zarathustra says: “But any height is accompanied by an abyss. And the moment you start climbing, you take a risk.” The height is not terrible. It may be hard to climb, but it's not terrible. Terrible chasm nearby. A single false step, just a moment of unconsciousness, and you can fall; you can fall below the animals.

    “You are only bridges: may the higher ones cross them to the other side! You are just steps: so do not be angry with him who ascends these steps to his own height!” – Zarathustra.

    In fact, he is talking about their own higher self. He says: “You're just a bridge. You must be passed. You must stay behind; the one who passes over you will be almost unknown to you, even though he was hiding inside you.” But you have never been in this inner space of your being. You are not familiar with yourself. You don't even know your address: who are you, where are you?”

  2. There are no metaphors or figurative meanings here, everything is straight forward.

    Man is a conat between an animal and a superman.

    This is about the fact that an animal person can become a human god, a person can develop into superhumans, but for some reason he does not do this, everything suits him and such a person is an animal.

    He can become a superman only by developing, the main thing is energy, the more energy, the more opportunities.

    That's why he went crazy, energy can drive you crazy if you're not prepared, so there's a lot of danger over the abyss.

    What is valuable about a person is that he is a bridge, not a goal.

    Man has accepted himself as the ultimate, but the king of the earth. Without leaving the possibility of development.

    For Nietzsche and sane people, man is a bridge, this life is given to grow in your consciousness, to become a superman, to see your immortal soul.

    What is his other quote ” He who knows himself, his executioner.”.

    Here, too, everything is straightforward, no metaphors or figurative meanings.

    This is indeed the case. Who knows himself, his own executioner. This can only be understood by someone who knows himself.

    A person who knows himself understands that he is not, he is nothing. The moment he sees this, his own death occurs.The truth creeps up imperceptibly and cuts off the head from your shoulders, it's too late you realize that you are nothing.

  3. And it seemed to me that something like”A person is a rope stretched between an animal …” – a person is either an animal, which in fact he is, or “… and a superman” – develops and evolves.

  4. Nietzsche says in the words of Zarathustra: “Man is something that must be overcome. What have you done to achieve this? All beings always create something higher than themselves. Do you want to be the ebb in the midst of this tide? What is a monkey in relation to a man – shame and pathetic ugliness. Man in relation to the Superman is only shame and a pitiful ugliness. You've come a long way from worm to human, but you still have too much of the worm left. You were once a monkey-see how much of the monkey is still in you. Look, I'm teaching you about the superman!

    Superman – the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: let the superman be the meaning of the earth. Truly, man is a muddy stream. You have to be the sea to take in a dirty stream and stay clean. Look, I am teaching you about the Superman – he is the sea in which your great contempt sinks. Not your sins, but your arrogance cries out to heaven: the insignificance of your sins cries out to heaven! But where is the lightning that will lick you with its tongue? Where is the insanity that needs to be instilled in you? Look, I am teaching you about the superman: he is this lightning, he is this madness!”

    And further: “Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the superman-a rope over the Abyss. What is valuable about a person is that they are a bridge, not a goal.”

    Superman or New Man is not a philosophical hypothesis. Perhaps this would be the case if there were no man, but man exists, you already exist, those who call themselves man, and at the same time you can also develop. At the very least, each of you knows that you can improve yourself from the inside out, improving your knowledge, understanding, and honing your mind and thinking… A person grows up in this, setting various goals for himself.

    But Nietzsche says that a person is not a goal, it is a bridge over which he has to pass, passing through himself…

    What does it mean to go, to change, but not to have a goal? What really should happen to a person on this path across the bridge that a person himself is, if there is no goal ahead of him?

    This means that you, as a human being, must not just be cleansed, discarding everything ugly that is in you, remove everything that belittles you, so that a superman can be born in the human consciousness, but you yourself will have to disappear.

    That is, to pass the path of mystical crucifixion (not of the body), which will inevitably be followed by the resurrection of you, but already in the Higher, which is the mystical Beginning and End of all existence.

    Only then will the true goal be achieved without a goal. Only then will the path across the bridge be completed.

    If the superman is not you, but he is within you, as you are in your purest form, in your most conscious awakening, in your experience of eternal life, in the perfection of love, if the superman is not you, then he is only a derivative of you.

    But in order to find yourself in it, you will have to crawl out of your holes to risk the familiar for the unknown, the known for the unknown, the convenient for the dangerous, the knowable for the unknowable, only then will you be able to conceive a superman in order to give birth to him, whose death will be the birth of the true you.

  5. What if a person needs to fall to the bottom of this very bridge, falling to the very bottom of the abyss, but not be afraid of it, but accept it as an old friend with whom you have not communicated for a very long time? What if a person has to overcome himself and, with maximum effort, in the role of a rock climber, with the help of a rope and a pickaxe (or in some other possible way that he must find in order to achieve what he wants), climb to the top where his transformation into a Superman will take place? It is at the moment when he will go through his long hard path of pain, suffering, madness, a lot of disappointments, etc., that he will earn the title of a great hero, which will be able to lead others to development. Of course, humanity is not ready for this yet, in which Brother Nietzsche was right, so this path is not for everyone. Simply for the reason that pain = development, because, most likely, this bridge cannot be passed without a single uneven step, without ever tripping. This is the way a person is, we all tend to make mistakes, and no matter how developed our generation or the generation that will be after us is, there will still be mistakes, you can't get away from them just by saying to yourself:”I will develop and then everything will be OK one day.” This won't happen. Because this is human nature: to repeat yourself from time to time, as world history shows, constantly trying to improve yourself in vain, when in fact you just stand in one place and just get basic skills and knowledge that are characteristic of an ordinary person, which were already before you more than once. The superman must be above his basic capabilities, and possess an extremely strong character and will, including skills that should surprise literally everyone, since they have not seen this before. Naturally, this is almost impossible to achieve, or-not in our time and not in the next couple of centuries. Perhaps this is simply not possible for us as a race. And perhaps, indeed, we have not yet reached such a point that man could give birth to such an intelligent, adapted to many difficulties of life and perfect being. Here we come to many contradictions again, which is characteristic of this idea.�

    In other words: “I think to hell with perfection, to hell with success, I think I don't care about all this. It's time to evolve.”, “Every night I died. And every night he was reborn again. From the dead.”, “Self-improvement is masturbation. But self-destruction…”, as Tyler Durden said in Fight Club, which didn't mean “forget about evolution, just suck it up and die”, as many young people thought, why they took it only as a call to a marginal lifestyle.

  6. I think the point is that the lowest manifestation of man is an animal. There are no goals, complex conclusions, actions, or long thoughts. Just sleep and eat.

    The highest is the superman.

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