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  1. Oh, I've been wanting to answer a similar question for a long time ..)
    the construct “meaning of life” in a broad sense is essentially defective: the only meaning of life is in the life itself.
    however, this is followed by physiology: healthy nutrition, rest, reproduction, preservation of life and offspring..
    then there are more subtle meanings such as psychological health, creative realization, etc., which are difficult to achieve in an increasingly complex and accelerating society, but which solves basic physiological problems.
    all this, however, is just speculation, and the other will present the same understanding differently, only here the meaning is the same: we create it ourselves.

  2. To find out what the meaning of a teapot is, you need to either read the instructions, ask the designer, or ask someone who has used it before. If this is not possible, you need to come up with a use for it yourself-well, for example, use it as a night vase, as a watering can, as a bat for chopping nuts.

    So it is with people.

  3. UNDERSTANDING the meaning of life has many levels of depth :

    the minimum level is self-preservation and development –

    this is the basis for much deeper levels of understanding and development.

    NOT UNDERSTANDING THE MEANING of life even at such a minimal level is analogous to absolute deafness or blindness….

  4. It probably depends on each individual person. If he has found some higher meaning, he sees it in the universe. If his life seems meaningless to him, then so does the existence of the universe.

    It's like a language. If you don't know it, then even a Shakespearean work will seem like a collection of squiggles, but if you do, then the squiggles make sense.

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