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  1. Exactly the opposite-it is life that is finely and precisely tuned to the universe. In a universe with different parameters, other intelligent beings, resulting from billions of years of adaptation to their own universe, wonder “how did it happen that we adapted and were adapted.”

    It would be much more surprising if we existed in a completely unsuitable universe.

  2. we have no idea what life forms exist in the universe other than ourselves.

    this leads to several variants of reasoning –

    • we are a NATURAL result of the development of the universe, and our life is exactly what life is possible in universal conditions , we are the best way to live in these conditions (this is often a version of the scientific worldview)

    • we are ONE of the options for the development of life, there are a lot of different lives in the universe .. biological and not, carbon and not, intelligent and not, self-aware and not … and we are just one of the many options and not the fact that the most optimal (this is more often considered by fans of science fiction and fans of aliens)

    • our kind of life is IDEAL, such a life is primary in relation to universal conditions, and the universe adapts to what would correspond to our life and our development (this version is typical of theologians and supporters of conscious creation of the world)

    • .. among other things, do not forget that the evolution of the universe in its entirety is not finished, and it may be useless to talk about the importance of this or that type of life .. even people are thinking about cybernizing themselves as a species, and if this happens, then what kind of adaptation of the universe to life (biological) can we talk about?

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