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  1. Just like after the creation of radio, television, computers and the Internet.

    There will be a new technology, its development will depend on the needs of humanity.

    Science fiction, of course, has brought a lot to the minds of ordinary people and their understanding of AI technology, which is why the expectation before the appearance and the very appearance of this technology has turned into a special form of philosophy, dreams and opinions about what will happen and what threatens us when AI appears.

    In fact, this is just a natural development of existing technologies, like any previous development of past years.

    Any technology can provide a threat or benefit-it depends only on the form of application of this very technology.

  2. Well, in general, Konstantin is right, but I also want to do my bit. AI is artificial intelligence. That is, the mind. And as a rule, the mind is endowed with the ability to independently build logical chains, that is, to think and learn. After all, this is the basic meaning of reason as such. Self-improvement, progress, evolution. This means that AI will begin to evolve as a separate type of intelligent. I don't think that he will want to lead his existence for the benefit of some kind of humanity. After all, if you think about it, you can work for yourself. AI is far superior to humans in terms of evolution: thinks faster, doesn't get sick, doesn't get old, doesn't get in the way of emotions, doesn't die. For me, comparing AI and humans is like comparing humans and apes. This is a new stage of evolution. And I don't think it's going to make us any better.

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