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  1. A person's life depends only on him. No one can prove anything to anyone. if I want to believe in something, for example, scientific, I will attract those who will prove it to me. They don't prove it to me, I want to believe it.

  2. Because I know all too well what science is, there won't be any significant changes in my life. Small ones are possible. I'll tell you about them.

    The first pessimistic scenario: I will start looking for and finding logical pitfalls in a scientific proof.

    The second pessimistic scenario: this proof will just make me laugh. Laughing, they say, is useful.

    Optimistic scenario: I will seriously get involved in thinking about this proof, I will puzzle for a long time and along the way I will produce many interesting ideas.

    And not actually possible, but potentially impossible scenario: the roof will fly off or I will shoot myself with a cucumber when I receive such news 🙂

  3. Bro, get in touch. It won't change in any way. People will also go to work, whine about their problems and problems, get into debt, and don't know what to do with their lives. Scientists can prove anything. Everyone, as they say, … yes.

  4. What about yours, kid? Will you become less uniquely mortal, aging, and in need of sleep, food, air, and fulfillment?

    And the hundreds of millions of starving people? Will their life be made easier by the fact that their hunger at some mathematical level is “potentially possible”?

    Mathematical sophistry won't change my life in any way. Because you can't put math on bread, as they say.

  5. If anyone's life changes, it will only be those scientists who manage to come up with the conditions of an experiment that proves or refutes the fact that the world is “potentially possible”. This is definitely the Nobel Prize in physics. There will be a breakthrough in quantum mechanics, a new version of string theory, some interesting popular science films on the BBC, and a big science fiction blockbuster with a huge budget. There will also be magazine articles promising the rapid development of technology and promising a quantum supercomputer in every mobile phone. Whether our world is “real”, whether it is “potentially possible”, whether it is located on the 3-brane, whether it is a hologram recorded on the event horizon of a black hole, whether it exists between two quantum events in order to subsequently split into alternative universes, or whether all reality is directly transmitted to the brain a la “Matrix”-all these, oddly enough, are completely unprincipled and do not affect anything characteristics of the “world”:)

  6. No way. The fact that this is only a potentially possible world will not change its reality and value for me. I won't have superpowers, gravity will remain gravity, and my family will remain my family.

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