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  1. Faith is a hope that a person either cannot or does not want to give up.

    The highest, but also the most difficult, faith is Faith in man.

    The easiest faith is religious faith.

    The most necessary faith is self – belief.

  2. It is not very easy to explain the multi-faceted word faith. “Faith is the catalyst for all mental abilities. If it is combined with a thought, then the almost prayerful tremor of the mind that arises is immediately picked up by the subconscious and transferred to the spiritual plane. “” Faith is a state of mind that can be developed into a will with the help of thirty principles, because with the application of these principles it is already improved more consciously.””Faith is a state of consciousness that can be caused by autosuggestion.” Faith is an “elixir of eternity,” which gives vitality and effectiveness to the impulse of thought! Faith is a fulcrum for accumulating wealth! Faith is the only antidote to failure. Not everything is listed, but this is enough to understand what faith is!!! With respect.

  3. Active movement in the spirit, with experienced memorization, precisely in the form of the moral attitude of the human soul! Naturally, with an ascetic (correct,correct) application of the body state!�

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