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  1. Of course, as already mentioned, they would not have found a common language. I don't think they would have argued, though.

    Nietzsche would have laughed at the idea of putting a person's entire life into a ritual. And laughter as an argument would be enough for him: for Nietzsche, those who want to enter this slavery do not need arguments.

    Confucius wouldn't argue either. He wouldn't have said anything. Perhaps I would shake my head, thinking that the impudent philosopher does not understand the very path to harmony and happiness, and therefore let him search on his own ill-chosen paths.

  2. I don't think they would have found a common language. Too different views and too different eras. Ideal Confucianism is a thing of the past. All the troubles of life are due to the fact that people have deviated from the traditions of their ancestors. It is necessary to restore harmony in the state, to honor the elders. Strict hierarchy, observance of rituals and all the rules that society imposes on a person.

    The Nietzschean ideal is the superman, the next stage of human development. Such a superman is a radical egocentric, individualist, creator of his own life, contrary to the opinion of society, traditions and religion. He despises the mass of ordinary people, praises the chosen masters.

    Perhaps they would have argued hotly among themselves, but they would have come to nothing. Too different views on the world and its ideal structure.

  3. I think they would have gotten along, because they both professed the ideology of common sense. It's just that in Nietzsche it was more rigid and cynical, and in Confucius it was more humane.

  4. Let's say these guys met. In fact, Confucius is the most influential philosopher who ever lived in the world. For a long time, China and other Asian states lived on his teachings,and even now they do. Compared to this scale, Nietzsche has a pimple on his ass.
    Confucius actually created the entire system of China, described the mechanics of power, social elevators. This system has worked for hundreds of years and still does not raise any questions. Even now, it is not possible to find alternatives. Nietzsche is just a German, Confucius is the founder of a whole system of society, which gave people much more.

  5. Different mentality, culture, and history. For Kofucius, the state is something higher, something transcendent. For Nietzsche, this is a hypothetical superman. Confucius is a child of tradition, Nietzsche is the product of an aversion to European hypocrisy and hypocrisy. Despite the difference in mentality, they are thinkers to understand each other.

  6. Confucius was a man who knew. what he wants, and Nietzsche didn't know what he wanted. Confucius might have pointed this out to Nietzsche. Rituals play a great role in the lives of all people. whether they know Confucius or not.

  7. No way.Nietzsche is a product of Western civilization.Constant search, struggle with circumstances, disbelief in fate or that someone writes something to you from above.Confucius-the East.Submission to fate and circumstances and concern only with yourself.Something like that.

  8. We could easily talk in peace…about eternal values…about life…about nature…about how the sunrise paints the surface of the sea with the most delicate multicolored watercolors, and the wind sings in your ear about the times of the past and distant countries, carrying the smell of ice Edelweiss and the fiery rustle and whisper of the desert…Two smart people will always have something to talk about, discuss, and think about together..And I am sure that they would have gone back to their times enriched and burdened with new ideas and knowledge…and this would have changed both of them in some way and their worldviews and their philosophy would have become even brighter and deeper.

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