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  1. This is a practical question and we need to analyze each case separately. In general, the main problem in our current reality is that these people who “supposedly” believe in God actually do not believe at all. Going to a religious organization, for example, doesn't mean anything at all. And to get a clear answer from Heaven, you need real faith. And for real faith to exist, you must first receive the salvation of the soul. And there are a lot of problems when they tell blatant lies about saving the soul. And the truth is that God gives salvation not by works, but by grace, you need to really talk to God, recognize yourself as a sinner and accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ into your life. On the one hand, this is simple, but on the other hand, in our reality there are whole social institutions where they teach that salvation can be achieved by deeds, you need to do a lot, go somewhere, and so on. And there is no faith in it, and there are no results…

  2. Yes, you know, the main religions are so cunning that they quite explicitly state that God does not owe anyone anything.

    that is, you died, and your problems are still alive.

    This is partly mitigated by the idea of heaven or hell, where the deceased will be rewarded in theory, but how it really is-no one knows

  3. Because death is not the end and absolute evil. For the believer, this is the transition to eternal life, for which he was born. Just as a grain is destined to cease to exist in the earth in order to turn into a plant, so that its full potential is revealed, as it should be. In the same way, a person needs to die in order to become what God originally intended him to be.

    And God is always there. It seems to us that He does not help as we would like, leaves us. Probably because we can't understand all the reasons for this, all the circumstances. How a child doesn't understand why a parent abandons him in kindergarten or lets the doctor torture him with a big sharp needle. I guess that's the way to go…

  4. Life, growth, development, and death are the natural cycle for all living things. All kinds of gods are just a fiction of people, and faith in them is a crutch for the weak spirit. So is the belief in an afterlife. Live with dignity, leave a good memory of yourself, because there will be no other chance.

  5. people don't die

    all those who believe in God are promised the second coming, and then all those who believed will get up and run towards their god, overgrown with meat … then, for all those who believe in God, a terrible reality will begin – the overpopulation of the planet with creepy zombies…

    but for those who do not believe in this nonsense, with the second coming, and eating the body of God, everything will be fine – a person without religion lives a decent beautiful life, and leaves this world to continue himself in another form of life … because life is infinite…

    to live beautifully is possible, life is a very beautiful thing

  6. Actually, what kind of god are you talking about? Most of the world's religions do not see death as the end point of existence. When a butterfly is born, the caterpillar dies. A person radically changes the environment of his existence at the moment of birth. Who told you that believers are against death? Conversely. Religions say either that the body is a prison for the soul, which you need to get rid of, like a woman from a cocoon, or that life will be restored after death. Death does not interfere with faith in any way.

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