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  1. Yes, Islam is much more fatalistic than Christianity and Judaism, which it relies on. But even there, there are certain conditions that allow a person to change his predestined fate and his afterlife. According to many theologians, such actions include, for example, sacrificing oneself in the name of Allah.

  2. No, it's a myth. In early Islam, there was a theological trend – the Jabrits, who believed that God is the only doer in the world, so everything that a person supposedly does is actually done by God. But even there, there were clever concepts that allowed for human freedom.

    What you have described is the concept of predestination in Calvinism.

  3. The point is how religion perceives our world, God and his place in it. Basically, in post-Christian countries, God is perceived as a part of our world, lives time together with people, so the fact that God knows the future does not fit into logic a little.

    If you look from another point of view, that our world is something like a computer, and people are something like bots with intelligence, and God is the one who created this computer and watches what bots do, then everything immediately becomes clear.

    By running bots on your computer, you can immediately see how it all ends, like in a chess game-all the moves, what the beginning is, where someone made a mistake or showed ingenuity, and how it ended. Like on the 54th move, white will checkmate black. We, playing for one of the parties, being on the 5th move, for example, may be surprised and complain that everything has already been decided in advance, who will win and who will lose.

    But the fact is that everything is decided by our own actions. God also has the ability to tell a person on any move, for example, on the same 5th move, that you need to move another piece, then you will not lose.

    And God suggests and helps people so that they can get where they need to go. But a person acts in his own way.

    This means that fate is predetermined. We live in the 21st century. God sees what has happened and what will happen before the end of the world, and has the ability to help us right now. A person only needs to sincerely ask for it.

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