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  1. Arzu, it seems to you. Many people read the Bible. Another thing is that it is very difficult to read all of it. As the wonderful playwright G. Gorin (like him) said: The Bible can be read endlessly. I don't know if he was a Christian or a Jew – the book is largely shared. The lion's share of it is the historical chronicle of the Jewish people. But there are still “non-canonical” parts, which contain, by the way, a lot of interesting things. In general, to understand the basic principles of Christianity, just look at the “10 Commandments “and”Sermon on the Mount”. If we take the whole volume, then of course, there are certain inconsistencies with reality, such as the fact that the Lord stopped the moon and the sun. It doesn't talk about dinosaurs or evolution. But the leaders of Christian churches have long been able to interpret and explain this. But the basic principles themselves are quite well suited to the basic principles of a human community. From what I can not accept myself-probably the statement that you can not marry divorced people and get divorced.�

    We can mention those who sincerely professed Christianity, and proved themselves to be very wonderful people. Apart from Mother Teresa, we can recall two heads of churches: John Paul II and Serbian Patriarch Pavel (in the world of Gojko Stojecivic).

  2. I think I'm beginning to understand Muslims. You do not read anything at all, do not ask any questions, because you know that read – do not read, and it is best to listen to the voice of your animal nature.

    I think I'm beginning to understand the Jews. You keep reading and reading, and you don't draw any conclusions from what you've read, because you know that everything is being sold, bought, and sold again, but at a higher price.

    I think I'm beginning to understand … To be continued?

    How do you like my calculations regarding world religions? Do you agree? Do you like them?

  3. You haven't started to understand anything. A true Christian does not even read the Bible for fear that he will misunderstand something and fall into heresy. They read the works of the so-called “holy fathers”, in which the”holy scripture” is explained. And here are the works of these later interpreters, where everything is “chewed up and put in your mouth”, they are not afraid to read and call on everyone to do it. Their reason is silent, so faith replaces it. The heart is silent, because they have been intimidated since childhood. So they don't listen to any heart. They are a flock, that is, sheep, listening to their shepherds and going where he leads them, driven by shepherd dogs.

  4. Ek you declared war on Christianity)))
    There is a phrase that I really like…

    “Religion is that area of human knowledge where truth is not needed.”

    The very essence of faith is in faith. what you believe isn't really important. After all, faith is just a process. you can write any commandments and canons at all, and in fact various religions only prove this.
    You can believe in gods, in spirits, you can believe in Satan-not the point. it is important that a person experiences this))
    Personally, I don't believe it. and I'm kind of envious. I have only myself, there is no one I can rely on or write off all my debts. there are only my failures and my responsibility..

    Eh!, it's probably not bad to be a believer sometimes.

  5. I read the Bible. And I don't just read, but study.. trying to understand everything that is written in it. But you are right that many people who consider themselves believers do not study the Bible.

  6. Or maybe you're starting to understand yourself. In the Bible, there is a term “foolishness of heart” in the hadith ” seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” And then, my dear, you have a cognitive dissonance-the heart does not give you knowledge, stupidity is a very comfortable state.

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