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  1. it is believed that both worship the same God. but as far as I know the situation Islam considers the Prophet Muhammad to be the last prophet and Islam to be the last and true religion. Muslims do not agree with us Jews on this point

  2. The main complaint: Judaism, adhering to consistent monotheism, leaves it within its own ethnic group, “ethnizes” the worship of the One God, while the revelation of the One is needed equally by all peoples.

  3. Allaah said in the Qur'an, on the day of Qadir, when, at His direction, Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him and his holy family) declared Imam Ali (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), his paternal cousin and the husband of his daughter, to be his successor:”Today I have completed My religion and am satisfied with Islam as a religion.”And what did Jesus (PBUH) say,”I didn't come to change it, but to supplement it.”Allah said in the Qur'an:” With the Torah I have given prophecy and Knowledge,with the Gospel I have given Love and Mercy, with the Qur'an I have given love and Mercy.”Dignity and Resilience.”Why do you compare these 3 books and why should they have been the same if people were not changing for the better, except for those whom Allah guided?Each age has its own Law, given by Allah in accordance with what people need in that era to follow the straight path.As you can see, we Muslims know from the Qur'an what the Jewish rabbis hid from you by changing something in the Bible that is said in the Qur'an,and instead of thinking about it, you reject the truth, seize on the lie and say that the Bible is a perfect book, and there is no love in the Qur'an. And what did you do to the Prophet Jesus (PBUH) when he came to you with love ? Aha, they were shouting ” crucify him crucify him!”, that's why the Prophet Muhammad was sent/With a stronger religion, as a mercy from Allah for those who follow him, and as a punishment for those who disbelieve , so that

    do not interfere with the establishment of His Sharia Law on earth, so that everyone on earth worships only Allah, as in all other worlds.

    Although Allaah says in the Qur'an about the revelation of all these Books to them, He says: “Indeed, the religion is before Allaah, only Islam”, “Whoever is not corrected by this religion, no one will correct”, “and whoever turns to another religion after this one, it will not be accepted by him”.

    Each of these religions was a straight path at one time, but the Muslims also went astray and split into parties, except for the Isnashari Shiites waiting for Imam Mahi, peace be upon him, out of Concealment.

    Accepting Islam is not a denial of the Bible, as you Christians think.

    Allah said to Muhammad/S / If the People of the Book agree to perform 5 prayers a day, give alms and pay zakat, then leave them something of their religion that they love.”

    Eighth Imam Reza, peace be upon him, of the family of Muhammad/C / said to the Peasants in one discussion:”We don't mind what our brother Isa (peace be upon him) came with, except that he prayed little and fasted little (in the sense that his religion was good, but not strong enough for the time when Islam was given). Allah has given us religions, one after another, so that we may correct ourselves in them, and not quarrel over them.

  4. Because the Jews disbelieved in Muhammad (pbuh) and tried to kill Jesus.


    It is narrated from Ka'b al-Akhbar (may Allaah be pleased with him): “I saw that it was written in the Tawrat (Torah) that Allaah Most High told the Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) about the time when the Prophet Muhammad came out of his mother's womb. Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) He told his people that when such and such a star, which was known to them by such and such a name, moves and moves from its place, this will be the time of the birth of Muhammad. This story has been passed down from generation to generation among the knowledgeable people of Banu Israel.”

    With this information, they did not swear allegiance to Islam.

  5. There is a quote in the Qur'an that the Jews are supposed to have in the Torah, but it is purged, that a prophet named Ahmad is coming. Then there is the hadith that Muhammad reproached the Jews for their harshness, because they stoned a Woman who was found guilty of adultery, although indirectly Muhammad himself was guilty of this: the rabbi hid the place of punishment with his finger, and this one ordered not to hide the lines.

  6. Judaism is a religion that remains after the Prophet Musa (Moses) who called for monotheism in the Book of Torah were described all the details of the appearance of the last prophet Muhammad Sally Alayhi vassals and they were to follow him also the Prophet Isa (Jesus) was sent down the book of the Bible which also contains clear verses that clearly indicate that Christians were also to follow the last prophet .Because of this, it follows that there are no contradictions between religions. The controversy appeared after some people began to use religions for profit to control people.There are no contradictions between religions it eats between people

  7. Islam simply cannot help but have something against Judaism, given that the latter could not restrain its adherents from fabricating lies against Allah, killing the prophets, distorting the Scriptures and other outrages.

    For example: “On the seventh day God finished His work that He had made, and rested on the seventh day from all His work that He had made.”(Genesis 2: 2). Qur'an corrects: “And We created the heavens and the earth and all that is between them in six days, and We were not at all weary.”(Surah Qaf, verse 38). The Qur'an seems to say to the People of the Book: Allah does not tire to rest. Do not build a lie against the Creator, giving Him the quality of what you created. Or, for example: “And God created two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night, and the stars.”(Genesis 1: 16). Qur'an corrects: “Did you not see how Allah created the seven heavens one above the other, / / / made the moon bright,and made the sun a lamp?”(Surah Nuh, verses 15, 16). The Qur'an seems to say to the People of the Book: Do not distort the Book and do not write in it what Allah has not said. The sun shone, but the moon did not: it only reflects the light of the sun. There are many similar examples of the Qur'an's correction of Bible distortions and errors made by Jewish and Christian scribes. The above examples: only a small fraction.

    “Some of them distort the Scriptures with their tongues, so that you may mistake for Scripture what is not of the Scriptures. They say, ” This is from Allah.” And this is not from Allah at all! They deliberately fabricate a lie against Allah.(Surah “The Family of Imran”, verse 78).
    “We raised up a mountain over them, according to Our covenant with them, and We said to them,' Enter the gate with prostration.' We also told them, ” Do not break the Sabbath!” We made a strict covenant with them. /// Because they broke their covenant, disbelieved in the signs of Allah, killed the prophets unjustly, and said: “Our hearts are veiled (or overflowing with knowledge).” Oh no, it is Allah who has sealed their hearts for their disbelief, and therefore their faith is insignificant (or only a few of them are believers). /// Because they disbelieved, they raised a great lie against Maryam (Mary) and said: “Indeed, we killed the Messiah, Isa (Jesus), the son of Maryam (Mary), the Messenger of Allah.” However, they did not kill him or crucify him, and it only seemed to them. Those who dispute about it are in doubt and do not know anything about it, but only follow assumptions. They didn't really kill him (or kill him with confidence). /// Oh no! It was Allaah who raised him up to Himself, and Allaah is All-mighty, All-wise. // There will not be one among the People of the Book who does not believe in him (Jesus or Muhammad) until his death, and on the Day of Resurrection he will be a witness against them. /// Because the Jews did wrong and led many astray from the path of Allah, We forbade them the benefits that were permitted to them. / / / And also because they took usury when it was forbidden to them, and devoured the wealth of the people illegally. For the disbelievers among them, We have prepared a painful punishment. /// But those of them who are well-informed and believe in what has been revealed to you and what has been revealed before you, and who perform prayer and pay zakat and believe in Allah and the Last Day, We will give them a great reward.”(Surah “Women”, verses 154 — 162).

    I noticed that some non-Muslims like to go on and on about some kind of eternal covenant between the Children of Israel and the Lord, some kind of chosen people, and something else. But they don't understand, or pretend not to understand, that the covenant is a two-way contract. Each of the parties has its own part of the contract. If either party violates its part of the contract, the covenant is annulled. The Children of Israel broke their part of the covenant and Allah annulled the covenant:
    “Allah made a covenant with the Children of Israel. And We created twelve leaders among them. Allah said: “I am with you. If you perform the prayer and pay the zakat, and believe in My Messengers, and help them, and lend Allah a good loan, then I will absolve you of your sins and admit you to Gardens beneath which rivers flow. And if any of you disbelieve after that, then he will go astray from the straight path.” // Because they broke the covenant, We cursed them and hardened their hearts. They distort the words by swapping them around, and have forgotten a fraction of what they were taught. You will always detect their infidelity, except for some of them. So forgive them and be magnanimous, for Allah loves those who do good.”

    Some non-Muslims may wonder: how then did Allah allow modern Israel to appear on the world map? The Qur'an contains the following verses:“And We ordained for the Children of Israel in the Book: “You will commit two outrages in the land, and you will be excessively arrogant.” / / / When the time came for the first of the two outrages, We sent Our powerful slaves upon you, who went through the land. So the promise was fulfilled.”(Surah “Carried by Night”, verses 4, 5).

    The first outrage is most likely the failure of the Jews to accept 'Isa, peace be upon him , the final prophet for the Jewish people, which was a kind of” semicolon “in a series of”commas”. Each nation had its own “commas”and ” semicolons”. But the “dot”, or, as they call it, the “seal of the prophets”, was our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). And by “powerful slaves” is meant, apparently, the ancient Romans, who organized the persecution of the Children of Israel.

    But the second outrage is probably what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians right now. The word “Jerusalem” is usually translated as “land of peace”, but the word “shalom”(peace) is related to the word “shalayim”(submission to the One God), because they have the same root-shlm (Arabic-slm). Therefore, Jerusalem can also be called ” the land of submission to the One God.” It even sounds clearer and clearer than “land of peace”. As a result, the Israelites are gradually displacing the Mushalayim(Muslims) who have submitted to the One God from the “land of submission to the One God.” What's wrong with outrage? Israel confirms the Qur'an by its very existence and actions without knowing it. Therefore, Muslims are not surprised by the outrages of the Israelis. It would be amazing if they didn't rampage.

    Also, some non-Muslims may wonder: what about the following verse:“And We have sent down to you the Book with the truth, confirming the earlier Books, and that it may protect them (or bear witness to them, or be exalted above them)…”(Surah “Meal”, verse 48)? Here the Qur'an confirms the true The Scriptures revealed by Allah to the former prophets, not those found in the Bible. To show that the Bible's writings are not true, the Qur'an delicately corrects them. If the Scriptures were true, they would not contradict the Qur'an and he would not have to correct them.

  8. As the QUR'AN explains, as far as I have understood this message: The people of the Book have distorted the Scriptures in order to achieve worldly goods. Because of this, the creator cursed them, and sent the last Book – the Koran. Mohammad seal of the prophets. And Christians are lost, that is, deceived by the writers of the Bible. The main mistake is the recognition of Christ as God, the triune, the son of God. ALLAH is ONE he gave birth, was not born, he is the creator , the creator, he is not clear to man.

  9. The Jewish clergy, after the death of the messengers (prophets) of God, distorted their writings (Torah, Psalms, Gospel) to suit your passions. Then God would send out the following prophets, who would tell about the misrepresentations and guide the deceived people on the right path. Of course, not everyone liked this (especially those who, with existing distortions, established their own business and government). Propaganda, denigration of the image, persecution, and murder of prophets and righteous people began. As a result, many prophets and righteous people were killed, and those who could not be removed from history were defamed. For example: the Prophet Lot (in the Qur'an – Lut) is accused of adultery with his daughters, the Prophet David (in the Qur'an – Dawud) is also accused of adultery while framing his military commander, the Prophet Solomon (in the Qur'an – Suleman) is accused of witchcraft, etc.�

    In the Qur'an, God exposes such lies, and those who engage in such things and oppose the truth are under the wrath of God. How can the prophets (examples to all mankind sent by God) break the laws with which they were sent? In Islam, on the contrary, the Prophets are protected from sin. Even before the prophetic mission, they were the best of men and did not sin by nature. Never for a moment did they lose their minds or despair of God's mercy, while committing inappropriate acts.

  10. View from the outside: against Judaism, Islam has
    1. the statement of Judaism about the God-chosen Jewish people:
    In Islam, as in Christianity, the nationality and genetics of the believer are not important.
    2. The provision of the law of Moses that the usury of the Jews is pleasing to God, through which the Jews are to receive power over all nations.
    3. Worship and burnt offerings, established by the Mosaic Law, abolished by Jesus.
    4. Jews acknowledge the crucifixion of Jesus under Pontius Pilate, while Muslims deny that Jesus was crucified.

    For the rest, Islam and Judaism, as religions, agree with each other.

  11. The question of primogeniture. Who was led to sacrifice by Abraham-Ibrahim, Isaac (the second son, but from a legitimate wife) or Ishmael (the first son, but from a concubine). Accordingly, to whom the promise of God passed to Ishmael or Isaac.

  12. Criticism of Islam— identification of contradictions, identification of errors and their analysis (analysis), discussion of something in order to evaluate Islam.

    Most often, the following questions become the objects of criticism::

    intolerance of Islam to criticism (jihadism,�Islamic fundamentalism), which related to the alleged�heresies�and heretics, the attitude�apostates from Islam�according to�Sharia[1];

    the morality of Muhammad's actions, both in his personal life and in public activities[2] [3];

    authenticity and morality of the content�The Qur'an[4] [5];

    human rights in modern Islamic countries (women in Islam, “castes in Islamic countries of South Asia”, etc.) [6];

    opposition of the Islamic clergy to the assimilation of migrants from Muslim countries in the United States and Europe[7

  13. Personally, it seems to me that you do not quite correctly understand the issue of the continuity of religions: Christianity and Judaism are religions that were sent down to a separate people, and as far as I know, one canceled the other. And Islam abolished not only these two religions, but also those that were revealed to other nations.

  14. Muslims believe that the Truth was revealed to the Jews. They (the Jews) know the Truth,but do not speak about it,they hide it from the rest of the nations. Because of arrogance, considering themselves God's chosen people. Therefore,Issa (Jesus) was first sent to them,but they did not accept him, and his teaching was transformed into the current Christianity (in fact, idolatry). Then the Word of Allah was revealed to the people – the Qur'an-through Muhammad, whom the Most High Allah chose from among the people as his messenger and prophet. That's my opinion, that's what I think.

  15. Islam rejects the polytheism of Christianity.Christians have turned the Prophet Isa (PBUH) into a God.Similarly, Christians do not recognize the seal of the prophets of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).The Jews, on the other hand, do not recognize the prophecies of Isa (peace be upon him) and Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

  16. “O you who believe! Let some people not make fun of others, because it may be that they are better than them. And let some women not mock other women, because it may be that they are better than them. Do not offend yourself (each other) and do not call each other offensive nicknames. It is an abomination to be called a wrongdoer after having believed. And those who do not repent will be the wrongdoers ” (al-Hujurat 49/11).

    “O you who believe! Avoid making many assumptions, for some assumptions are a sin. Don't watch each other and don't talk bad behind each other's backs. How would any of you like to eat your dead brother's meat if you feel disgusted by it?” Al-Hujurat (Rooms), 12th verse

  17. As far as I know, the Jews do not recognize Muhammad as a prophet and the Koran as holy scripture. From the outside, this is the main contradiction, although probably not the only one.

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