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  1. You have a rare skill that you are trying to get rid of for some reason) �

    The vast majority of people can come to the state of an empty head only as a result of many years of meditation or other spiritual practices. When such people walk down the street, they have hundreds of unfinished thoughts swarming in their heads at the same time: from unpaid bills to a pimple on their nose. The inability to stop the mental word-rush is one of the key causes of neurosis…

    And you just have a Buddhist pattern: “When I walk down the street , I walk down the street.” Yes, and light music accompanies you…

    Enjoy )

  2. Everything comes with time. Thoughts will also come. By themselves. But I'm not sure you'll necessarily like them. “Knowledge multiplies sorrow” (c)

    As long as you can do it, live with an empty head – you're better off.

    But if you need something else, then this is, of course, books, communication with smart people, or some rather complex occupation (hobby).

    I sometimes get sick of serious thoughts. In private, I express them out loud in the form of swearing or a series of formless and uninformative phrases. This is very important, because even when you are alone, you may not be alone at all and get burned. So, for the future, adopt this skill.=)

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