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  1. Faculty of Philosophy, Lomonosov Moscow State University. Five years. This is the only institution I can recommend.

    Although your desire to become a teacher, not a philosopher, is confusing. This is rather strange, especially considering the pitiful situation of teachers in today's Russia, especially pre-teachers of philosophy. Today, you can study philosophy exclusively for an all-conquering vocation.

  2. A university teacher is not a primary school teacher. �From here-follows:

    • For a philosophy teacher, it is more important to have a proper philosophical education than a pedagogical one (in elementary school, the opposite is true). ищите I.e., look for a proper philosophical education, and you can take a pedagogical one at the level of courses, or even “take it” yourself.

    • It is better to study for a long time. �Who is a bachelor in higher education? An assistant, perhaps? Here and in the docent break-unrealistic. Yes, and a master's degree can become a professor… posthumously. So if you have professorial ambitions – a doctor of science, or at least a candidate, if there is still such a thing in the Russian Federation. Otherwise – a low salary and position ceiling, no career at all .

    At the same time, obtaining the last degrees is usually combined with the actual teaching activity.

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