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  1. It seems to me that God did not just create man “in his own image and likeness”, giving him intelligence. And if science is the best use of the human mind at the moment, it must be a God – pleasing activity.

  2. What a question! Who else would know the answer? Call out to Him in prayer, and He may answer. The question is posed incorrectly: if he exists, then he created man, and his scientific views can only amuse (well, or outrage, and then he will become Punitive).

  3. MOST believe that God is not the enemy of science and the laws of science.

    A MINORITY ascribes anti-scientific acts to God.

    The diversity of opinions here is caused by poor low-scientific education.

  4. Anecdote: Einstein died, met God. Tells him: “I spent my whole life looking for answers to how the universe works, but I didn't fully understand everything, your creation is too big. Can you explain everything to me now?” God showed him a bunch of scrolls, here he says, my notes on how I created the world. Einstein began to read: “Well, I knew that… That's what I proved… That's what I thought… That's what I guessed… But this is not clear… This is actually some kind of nonsense! What the hell is this?!!”. God is confused and says: “You know, I don't know what I did back then…”

  5. Unfortunately, GOD did not create the whole person as a whole. GOD is the accumulator of the Mind, the cold, luminous holy Spirit. Therefore, he projected only the Brain to man for the maturation of the Mind. Man is only the bearer of the brain, and all Reason remains with God, because the Brain of man is hot, and the Mind is extremely cold. They can't be together. Man must cultivate the Mind from the immaculate conception.

  6. The Bible begins by describing the origin of everything and man. It is consistent with the scientific picture. This is Genesis, chapter 1.

    The fact that man is descended from animals (as science claims) is confirmed in the Bible: man is created on the same day as animals; the one-in-one covenant is between humans and animals (1:22 and 28),

    But for God, the main thing is spiritual information. Therefore, He pointed out that man appeared from the dust of the earth. This, on the one hand, speaks of the baseness, sinfulness of man, and on the other, it hints that man is akin to the earth. Just as the earth created life at God's command (1:11), so man is called to create spirituality at God's command. The name Adam – “clay” appeared in the story of the fall. And it is the landing, so to speak, of a person spiritualized by God into matter in order to spiritualize the latter.

    In short, for God, I think, it is not physical and biological laws that are important (this is a passed stage for Him), but the spiritual path of humanity and the entire universe. The way of the creature to the Creator.

  7. I believe that God's opinion on the concept of evolution completely coincides with the conclusions of the absolute majority of modern researchers in the field of natural and social sciences, as well as thinking humanity.

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