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  1. Alas, but a black hole is not a funnel, and it does not lead anywhere. In simple terms, this is a body compressed to a critical state, with a huge gravitational pull.

  2. Not in the vastness… This is not a movement in space… Otherwise, from space, say, to a place where space does not yet exist. For example, to the level of a physical vacuum or absolute nothing, or beyond absolute nothing… An idea of this level can be found, for example, in proverbs…

    1 Does not wisdom cry out? and does not reason lift up its voice?

    2 It stands on high places, ….


    22 The LORD made me the beginning of his way, before his creatures, from time immemorial.;

    23 I have been anointed from everlasting, from the beginning, before the earth was.

    24 I was born before the abysses existed, before there were springs of abundant water.

    25 I was born before the mountains were built, before the hills,

    26 When He had not yet created the earth, the fields, or the first motes of the universe.

    27 When He was preparing the heavens, I was there. As He drew a circular line across the face of the abyss, …

    Proverbs 8 – The Bible: https://bible.by/syn/20/8/

    bible.by (https://bible.by/syn/20/8/)

    Proverbs 8 – The Bible

    A completely understandable state that precedes existence (except for common sense and the principles of information exchange, from our world, nothing else has ever taken place), but already tangible…

    Unfortunately, this poetic description of the existing non-existence of aspects of being is still poorly described by Science.

  3. Don't think of a black hole as a funnel. A funnel is just a picture for popular science publications. A black hole doesn't eject matter anywhere. It breaks it up, breaks it up into quarks by tidal forces (or burns it up, if you look from the outside), and then gradually spits out individual particles, slowly evaporating.

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