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  1. Intelligence is one of the criteria for distinguishing the human race from the order of primates. Intelligence is not an individual's, but the average of the population.

    From the moment when apes, accumulating numerous differences from humans in the process of anthropogenesis, acquired a sufficient level of intelligence, on the basis of this and other characteristics, they began to distinguish representatives of the genus humans.

  2. Not so. Everything is wrong in your question.

    Let's start with the actual theses connected by the logical bundle of If-Then.

    The first thesis, “a Darwinist needs intelligence to realize that he is descended from an ape,” is generally correct, because the absence of intelligence does not allow us to realize anything abstract in principle. Darwinists, papists, Leninists, clinicians, aquarists-anyone needs a mind to analyze and synthesize information.

    The second statement, “the ape needed intelligence to become human,” simply doesn't make sense. Because monkeys don't become people. Evolution does not occur with individuals.�

    Understanding the theory of evolution occurs with individuals, and evolution itself occurs with populations. A single individual organism does not transform into another organism. Monkeys don't turn into humans. Your great-grandmother didn't turn into you.

    And finally, the link between the theses is missing. The construction is similar to the statement ” If fish need water for life, then space is a box of pencils in a puddle.”

    So, no. Not so.

  3. No not so �Dear! � �The question is put very small, “somewhere” at the level of ” 10 “graders” in Moscow schools. The monkey needed work to gain intelligence. �To get a banana �high �branch she took the stick in his hand, �then �realized that to fend off enemies too �in a convenient stick �and bash �neighbor's crown �and steal �it �dinner too handy with the stick. Then, � is �and stone �the farm �useful �there nuts or coconut crack, �the same neighbor �still �times bash, �already stone � that would �finally �dumped �here � away. �So after work, �drops, drops,drops, � for �hundreds of thousands �years �monkey �gaining intelligence. � � And now he's sitting at the computer and asking people a question:�”If a Darwinist needs intelligence to realize that he is descended from an ape, then the ape needed intelligence to become a human, didn't it?“�(a joke, no offense)

  4. it was just that there was a tendency to increase the brain and develop other, as we believe, human signs ( for example, walking upright) The trick is that evolution is a natural process that goes on by itself, the monkey did not need any awareness, just as the fish did not come to land in order to consciously evolve there in all the others))

  5. Who thinks they're smarter than a monkey? Or representatives of a primitive tribe in the Amazon forests. Let's let it out into the forest and see how long it lasts..). No amount of wisdom will help humanity survive forever, we'll all get off at the proper stop..

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