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  1. “Punishment” by someone outside is a Christian concept. Karma is simply (and literally translated) the law of cause and effect. Which implies that the paralyzed guy himself, by one action or another, created such a situation for himself. It is necessary to add the concept of reincarnation here for the sake of breadth of the picture and understanding that karma is not only something quickly soluble, momentary, but also the results of actions performed many lifetimes earlier. In addition, karma is also about interdependence. We do not go through life alone, we have accumulated an unimaginable number of connections and these connections are of different quality. Guy A obviously has the right conditions for realizing such unpleasant karma, and guy B has the right conditions for taking part in it. It's quite possible that they've been taking turns breaking each other's backs for quite some time now. Depending on your specific actions and level of awareness, this strange connection can either exhaust itself once, or continue, drawing beings to each other again and again, to mutual displeasure. Which reminds us once again of the cycle of suffering that is conditioned existence-Samsara – and that it is time to get out of it)

  2. It seems to me that the person who struck plays the role of a tool, or rather a “soldier” of Providence. Doing His will is not considered a sin.
    If this man broke the spine of an innocent, then yes, he will be punished in the future.

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