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  1. Shaking a planet by a big man is equivalent to applying a force with a large (huge) amplitude of vibrations to the planet. If we want to move the planet (in some ISO) by 10 meters, within 10 seconds (the half-period of the planet's vibrations), then we need to accelerate the planet with a value of a = 0.2 m/s2. Taking into account Newton's second law, the force required for such acceleration will be F = maa, where mₑ is the mass of the Earth, equal to ≈ 6 × 102⁴ kg, then F = 1.2 × 102⁴ N (!) is a trillion trillion Newtons. Under such loads, it is not that water will go into outer space, but, perhaps, the Earth itself will collapse.

  2. If the acceleration applied by the giant exceeds the acceleration of gravity of 9.8 m / s2, the water will fly off. But I think that it will not be limited to this. The earth will be deformed, the crust will collapse, the insides will splatter.

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