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  1. If he is a homosexual and has an attraction to animals, then yes, he will be a homosexual and a zoophile. If he is not a homosexual and animals do not excite him, but he prefers (I don't know whether it is on a bet, under duress, or for some other reason) to have sexual relations with animals of his own sex, then he will not be a homosexual or a zoophile.�

    Homosexuality is a sexual attraction (and, by some definitions, related phenomena) directed exclusively or mainly at members of one's own sex. Bestiality – sexual attraction to animals. Sexual behavior (what a person prefers) is how a person fulfills himself in sex, and in some cases may not correspond to his sexual drives. So, a homosexual living in an extremely aggressive environment will prefer abstinence or heterosexual sexual intercourse despite their inclinations. A zoophile, and in general, with rare exceptions, will prefer to limit himself to pornography or contact a sex therapist.

  2. With a high degree of probability, yes. What is the purpose of your interest?

    He recently visited us
    Dead little animals
    He brought it with him!

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