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  1. In the Buddhist view of renkarnation, there is no soul. In Hinduism, there is. In Hinduism, it is believed that a person, when he dies, retains his identity, and begins the next life from this point of coordinates, and a part of his consciousness called “atman”is reborn. It is not fully equivalent to the concept of soul in Christianity. This is a somewhat broader concept. In Buddhism, it is believed that when a person dies, his consciousness breaks down into its components. The elements of consciousness (skandhas) are disintegrating. The system is being formatted. It is not the soul that is reborn, but only the pure chitta consciousness. The person in the next life may be completely different, and even not be human, so that the mind may be lost. According to Buddhist ideas, we are all soulless, and the soul does not exist, but this does not prevent anyone from being reborn. For some European Buddhists, the Dharma teaching is understood as something close to “subjective idealism”, where the concept of will and personality is completely absent.

    As for resurrection, if there is a technique for transferring consciousness in Vajrayana, the diamond chariot, then nothing prevents consciousness from taking over someone else's body and returning to the resurrected one.

  2. Let's look at reincarnation as follows.What is it in the first place? This actually came from the Eastern teachings, which supposedly revealed deep levels of reality that modern materialism has not yet reached. Humanity is still no closer to discovering the levels of organization of matter, we do not know the objective content behind altered states of consciousness, and the repertoire is extremely wide, from the so-called “post-mortem” and out-of-body possible experience. At the moment, the question of death is an empirical study, and official science cannot confirm or refute life after death, reincarnation, the mentality of the universe, etc.This includes the question of the existence of the soul, official science puts an equal sign between the soul and consciousness, but no one can give an exact answer where our consciousness (soul) is.�

    And in Japan, there is a parable of death. About the three moths.

    Three moths flew up to the burning candle and began to talk about the nature of fire. One of them flew up to the flames and came back and said, ” The fire is shining.” Another flew closer and singed the wing. When he flew back, he said, ” The fire burns.” The third, flying very close, disappeared in the fire and did not return. He found out what he wanted to know. But I couldn't tell the others about it anymore.

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