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  1. Agnostics will fall into a state of quantum superposition of posthumous existence. For such individuals, the heavenly cattery provides for the provision of at least one Schrodinger cat))

  2. Not every ism represents a complete worldview. In the strict sense of the terms, these are only philosophical positions on certain issues, and not a holistic view of the world. In addition to the position that there is no God, atheists do not agree with each other on everything, because there are different directions of materialistic and similar philosophies. Ditto agnostics. The position of the unknowability of the world does not necessarily imply any particular view of the question of posthumous existence. Here people are divided mainly into two camps – those who are comfortable thinking that there is nothing after death, and those who are comfortable thinking that there is something after death. In the second camp, various options are already underway, not just paradise at all.

  3. Everyone has no stake or yard. Both believers and atheists, and agnostics. Believing in something after death does not automatically mean that it will come true. Neither believers nor atheists know where they will go after death. But some play as if they know. And others don't play and honestly admit that they don't know.

  4. If the world is designed in such a way that our energy-informational shells must get somewhere after the death of the body, then of course this does not depend on the person's beliefs during life. That would be too primitive.They will go to the place that they have earned and earned during their earthly life. The universe has its own clear laws, just like the physical world itself. The apple will never fall up. Similarly, the human soul will undergo a strict calibration according to the laws of the spiritual world.

  5. ▪ Where will agnostics go? And you seriously think that someone will give you a clear answer? I can only express my personal opinion. I believe that after death, everyone gets what they are ready for. I explain: “Everything depends on the level of understanding of the world around us, the level of faith in one or another, the level of intellectual development. The essence of being tells me that.”

  6. If we assume that everyone's posthumous fate is so directly determined by their ideas about eternal life, then agnostics are in the void.

  7. I will answer for my religion that I adhere to is Islam. In Islam, agnostics and atheists in the same position will both go to Hell. The condition of Jews and Christians is a little easier than that of atheists, agnostics, and other religions. Because they are people of the Book.

  8. What does agnosticism have to do with atheism?

    It's like reducing the salty to the light.

    You probably combined these terms- * isms.

    As a believer in the Intelligent creation of the world does not know the true reason, but believes that the world was created intelligently.

    Similarly, the atheist does not know the true cause of the world, but believes that it appeared unintelligently. By a miracle.

  9. If I were a believer, I would think so.

    God doesn't really care what's in your head. He judges by deeds. If you have kept all his commandments , then you are in the blackboard. But since agnostics do not lead a humble lifestyle, and like crooks, they can rush to where it is warmer, we can assume that God will reject them and give them a free ticket to where it is hotter.

  10. All people die and go to the next world, and there, depending on their behavior in this life, they are sorted and placed in different places, and then moved from one cell to another. On holidays, they are put down like on a leave of absence home. They come to relatives, friends, look at them, etc. When dogs suddenly start barking in the village, it means that the deceased were released on leave to our world in honor of some holiday. You have to be careful here, because some people go out just to get drunk and get drunk, and make a rowdy scene, so to speak. As they behaved in life, so they behave afterward, people do not change, so they are kept locked up.
    Others go over to the side of evil and in the next world will fight against the good (those who put negative likes on good people).

  11. Then agnostics must live a kind of “pseudo-life” – think that they are alive, go to work, communicate… but all the time to feel that they are not really living. As if everything is not real, nothing really succeeds. And sometimes get some kind of message-hints that they are, in fact, dead.

  12. “Everyone goes to the same place. All came from the dust of the earth, and all will return to dust. ” – Ecclesiastes 3: 20.

    “All men are equal: the righteous and the wicked have one end…the same thing awaits the good as the sinner…and after that they go to the dead” – Ecclesiastes 9: 2,3.

    As we can see, the end of all people is the same – – – non-existence. God does not divide anyone into groups. Because everyone is imperfect.(Inherited sin and death from Adam)

    But there will be a time when all the dead will be resurrected again (recreated) and they will be given the opportunity to learn to live according to the laws of God and achieve perfection. And some have the opportunity not to see death at all, since the time is close. Jesus Christ said, ” I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live again, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die ” John 11: 25,26.

  13. Agnostics who misbehaved during their lifetime find themselves in the world of ” The Tale of the Man Who Sat on Two Chairs.” And they suffer there forever. As soon as they manage to get comfortable, specially trained devils pull out either one chair or the other from under them. They fall very painfully. And when they get up, the chairs are back in place. And it all starts from the beginning.

    And good agnostics find themselves in the world of Ted Shaggy's novel Twinkle.

  14. You need to search for the truth, and not guess who will get where. No matter how many times you guess, you won't be able to guess all the same things. People go to hell not for something, but for what…. It's the same in paradise. According to the teachings of Christianity, the first person to enter paradise was a robber who did not believe in God, did not go to church, did not put a single candle, did not know any prayers, and his hands were up to the elbows in blood.

  15. Those who are “not a fanatic, and allow all options” are really real people.

    And they can achieve their ultimate goal: getting out of this world altogether.
    Where there is no heaven, no hell, or our “middle world”.

  16. In Purgatory 😀 In general, it seems like atheists go to hell, but agnostics are sued as ordinary believers. If you consider that an atheist is a person who claims that there is no God. Otherwise, he is not an atheist, but rather an agnostic.

  17. Every person has a God, and he is in the conscience. So their thoughts and all their deeds will be judged. If they do not sin in this, then both atheists and agnostics will be saved by the Resurrection of Christ.

  18. Atheists, in their own opinion, disappear, like all people.

    Believers, in their own opinion, are reborn for the Hereafter or go to destruction in hell. Like all people.

    Agnostics say: “I do not know.” That is why they are agnostics, in order to state their ignorance instead of sticking to one or another controversial version, as is the case with believers and their atheist opponents.

  19. energy, including electro-magnetic energy, never disappears or appears out of nowhere …

    believers in paradise will not get all, tickets to paradise are already sold out

  20. If we proceed from the definition of who an agnostic is, and this is a person who holds that the world is unknowable, that people cannot know anything reliable about the essence of things, including (if it is a religious agnostic), they cannot know anything reliable about God, that is, supernatural or divine phenomena are unknown or incomprehensible…

    I believe that after death, these souls will be sent back to Earth to become scientists,theologians or esotericists.

  21. I read the book of King Solomon “Ecclesiastes”
    to him, God Almighty revealed a lot about
    what happens to a person after death, regardless of the person's faith, here's what he writes:Ecclesiastes 3: 19 For men, like animals, have one end. As some die, so do others. Everyone has the same spirit, and man has no advantage over the animal, because everything is vanity.
    Everyone goes to the same place. All have come from the dust of the earth, and all will return to dust.
    If there is no difference between a person and an animal in the face of death and they turn to dust, then even more so between a person and a person, and it does not matter whether a believer, non-believer, atheist, agnostic or someone else. All are transformed into elements of the earth.

  22. I think only God knows about it! And he will judge not only for Faith, but also for deeds. For faith without works is empty! For me, God is the supreme intelligence. The Higher mind does not judge one-sidedly. It adds up the whole set of factors, and then makes a verdict. In our difficult time, true believers are at a minimum. It's hard to believe when you experience suffering and don't see joy… Many will be saved by sorrows. I think that agnostics too… everything will be according to God's understanding.

  23. It depends from whose point of view. From the point of view of believers, atheists will go to hell, and so will agnostics (because they don't know, but they should have believed), and not even all believers will get to heaven. A small part, because the path is narrow and all that.

    From the point of view of atheists, after death, the mind and consciousness, life will disappear from everyone without exception.

    Agnostics consider both options possible and even those not considered here, because there are actually more than two of them. Not just heaven / hell or extinction.

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