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  1. And what has changed in Christianity many times? In the earliest texts, Calvary and the Resurrection are mentioned, as well as the teaching that almost always completely coincides with the Sermon on the Mount. This is the basis for Christianity.

    Different definitions changed: how we describe God, how we understand Christ, how we relate to material culture, who are the righteous for us, whether it is possible to honor the Virgin Mary and how exactly. But this doesn't address the basics.

  2. If Christians know that Christianity has been changed many times,

    There are no facts of the change. Only the external aspect has changed and improved, but the essence of Christianity remains unchanged. The Church is the Body of Christ, and Christ is forever the same, He does not change, so His Body does not change, but only grows and reveals its potential.

    “why don't they want to know the truth about Jesus Christ and correct these mistakes?” Christians already know the truth about Christ, because it lies on the surface. God does not hide anything. Christians do not need to try to match the appearance of the Church, the Body of Christ, to photographs taken in the infancy of the Body.

  3. What exactly do you think is Christianity that has been changed many times? what specific mistakes are you talking about?

    If we are talking about the deviations of the modern state religion from apostolic Christianity, then the answer is simple: this religion does not recognize the Holy Scriptures of the New Testament as the only criterion of Christian truth, considering numerous subsequent works of religious authors equally authoritative. Accordingly, in this sea of various writings, the truth of the New Testament is simply lost and it is impossible to find it without putting aside all subsequent works. But no one wants to delay, because this will lead to obstruction and rejection on the part of the dominant authorities and the vast majority of believers who obey them, as was the case among the Jews of the New Testament: “for the Pharisees' sake they did not confess, lest they should be excommunicated from the synagogue, for they loved the glory of men more than the glory of God”(John12:42,43).

    If you are talking about numerous changes to the Bible itself, please give examples of these numerous changes.

  4. On another occasion I wrote:

    As for the church, it is essential that the church considers itself alive. And that in the church, as promised, the Holy Spirit works. Thus, the interpretation can be obtained in the church. Not from individuals, but what the whole church interprets together in accordance.�

    Andrey, the church could also distort some points for its own personal purposes. People also work there.

    That's exactly what personal goals people have, the church is the interaction of people. And as I wrote, in the opinion of the church itself, interaction with God.�

    The relationship between the Church and texts is a complex separate topic. It was already discussed somewhere here, but briefly. Look, the main thing here is that the source of the canon is the church. That is, initially, the church selected several books from a certain number of records. Attention, by what principle? According to the principle of agreement of the entire church, this is exactly what corresponds to how they believe, remember what is passed down by word of mouth, how they understand it.

    Can there be any distortions here? Yes, theoretically they can. In practice, a Council and conciliar actions, when everyone agrees, i.e. a huge number of people, are already an event with which historians can easily work and are working. In such cases, you always know what was selected, what was discarded, why, and who exactly. Because there are a lot of people here, a lot of interests and everyone talks about everything. Moreover, people have different political bosses, there are more degrees of freedom. It is as if Russians and Ukrainians are now going to agree on a certain text. It would be impossible to conceal what was discussed there.�

    A living church in which the Holy Spirit works – > changes are not the acceptance of what is wrong, but the development of the teaching, while the faithfulness of the development guarantees that the church is alive, and not the guardian of some dead teaching.

    That's what Christians believe.

  5. So Christianity was not changed.

    What a number of unscrupulous researchers are trying to pass off as” changes ” are actually clarifications.

    Are there any other options?

    Other translations of the Bible are often given out as changes in Christianity. The fact is that indeed the Old Testament and part of the New Testament do not sound quite the same today as they did in the second century or in the fourth century. This is due both to the Masoretic translations of the Old Testament books, and to some refinements in the course of translations from Aramaic to Greek, from Greek to Old Slavonic. The meaning didn't change, but the text might have.

    Also, alternative teachings and various heresies are often presented as changes in Christianity. Here the spectrum is wide-from Arianism to the Old Believers, all as one claim that they have real Christianity, and the rest of Christianity is a distortion. The funniest thing happens when they start bickering among themselves. For example, the Old Believers were divided into popovtsy and bespopopovtsy – and both branches believe that they have the real Christianity, yes.

    For changes in Christianity, the opinion of individual church servants or small changes in the canon are also given out. Changing the reading of prayers at church services, changing the vestments of priests. The Russian Orthodox Church is working on creating a modern translation of the Bible into Russian from Old Slavonic. But, as we understand, this has nothing to do with changing the teaching.

    The truth about Jesus and Christianity is in the Bible, in the decisions of Councils, in the patristic teaching. There are no mistakes, although some ideas are not so easy to understand and accept.

  6. As a Jew, I want to ask you where this opinion comes from and why you think so. many of my Christian friends try to follow Christ in truth. you're wrong

  7. Good question!

    Indeed-why do Catholics, having learned the Truth about the true Church of Christ through the testimony of Jesus Christ Himself, with the Holy Fire at the Holy Sepulchre, every Holy Saturday – why do they not want to correct their mistake by worshipping not God, but the vicar of God on earth-the Pope!?

    Why, on the same occasion, do not Catholics, Protestants, or other Christian denominations who are attracted to the schism by Protestantism want to correct their mistakes and return to the bosom of the Church of Christ!?

    Really – WHY …!?

  8. First, it is difficult to say what is “true” in this case – the “search for the historical Jesus” (a direction in biblical studies) is far from complete, there are different opinions. And secondly, in Christianity there are a) different new trends that insist on correcting Christianity from distortions b) different people who demand to get rid of “myths”. Bible studies and criticism of the “miraculous” part of the Bible were invented by Christians.

  9. Why learn something? There is a lot of information, and it is very different, and who guarantees that it will be true? Everyone has their own truth there, nothing is provable anymore, and the main thing is that it brings money and some political dividends

  10. And what is the ultimate and irrefutable “truth” about Jesus Christ, and where and how can it be “found out”?

    There is no “truth” in matters of faith. What you believe is true to you, and the rest is heresy.

  11. You overestimate people. they believe the institution, not facts or beliefs, you know?

    If tomorrow the head of the church declares a new commandment, the people will eventually get used to it.

    It's the same in politics and everything. People trust certain organizations and leaders because it's convenient.
    They don't want to deal with it themselves, and they won't

    Moreover, in half of the cases, they don't even know how many different Christian movements existed before the official separation of religions, and they are normal.

    In general, it does not soar that they were rewritten 3 times in 3))
    Output? they don't care. everything that was 100 years ago is no longer interesting)

  12. The counter-question is why did the priests of the time of Jesus Christ,who knew for sure that he was the son of God, fabricate a false accusation and kill him?

    Yet many Christians who are not indifferent learn the truth about Christ from the Bible and correct mistakes in their own thinking in private.

  13. What the words mean:…Christianity has been changed many times…the truth about Jesus Christ…?
    I don't know about your religion, or what you do there, but God has always taught you to compress any information to the level of a seed. And then what happened to this seed was what the soil( or man)is like . If it is fertile, the seed will sprout and produce fruit. And if it is a stone, then no matter how much grain falls on it , it will wither and die.
    It is also important – who planted it, what sprouted, and what kind of fruit turned out.
    The seed of Christianity is Jesus Christ!
    ….But we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to the Jews, but madness to the Greeks…(1 Corinthians 1: 23)

    If salvation through Jesus Christ is madness for you, then is not the sin that is still upon you through Adam greater madness?
    But the greatest folly of men is to sow lies in opposition to the Seed of God!
    See Wikipedia , (not even the Bible):
    Christ (al-Greek. Χριστός from ancient Greek. χρῖσμα, χρῖμα, χρῖσματος — “ointment, oil, anointing”) — literally, “anointed one.” This is a translation of the Hebrew word Машиיחַ (Mashiach) – Messiah.
    Jesus of Nazareth is the central figure in Christianity and the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament, who became the atoning sacrifice for the sins of people.

    God has given every human being a mind to think! So reflect!
    .. if Jesus was sent by God to save mankind from the power of the devil, as a lamb sacrificed for the sin of Adam and all men, then who benefits from people not being saved, but going to hell?
    Only to the opponents of God!
    Satan doesn't want everyone to be saved! This is written in the Word of God as a warning!

    …Be prudent and watchful, because your enemy, the devil, is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Resist him, be firm in your faith, ….

    On this basis, anyone who believes in Salvation can, following the example of Jesus Christ, who trusted and fulfilled the Word of God, boldly declare to the devil :

    ….Get away from Me, Satan, for it is written: “You shall worship the Lord your God, and Him only you shall serve.”…(“The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness”)
    So, the truth is-everyone has their own!
    And the Truth is one! And it is much more than the “truth” that you never voiced !
    And you didn't write it, because where lies are , there's fear! And these are the spirits of the devil that reside in anyone who doesn't know that Jesus + you are always THE MAJORITY!
    And His Word is the Truth! Written:
    ….I have given them Your word, and the world has hated them, because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.
    15 I do not pray that you will take them out of the world, but that you will keep them from evil.
    ….Sanctify them through Your truth; Your word is truth.
    18 As you sent me into the world, so I also sent them into the world.
    19 And for their sakes I consecrate myself, that they also may be sanctified in the truth…
    ( John 17 )
    Jesus defeated Satan !
    And you all hold on to the” truth ” of Satan!

  14. In fact, for a real believer, everything is simple both in spirit and in fact.

    God is all-powerful, and He also promised to observe His Word because it is in accordance with it that God will judge all people.

    This means that the Bible has not undergone any changes, and even taking into account all the councils at which the canon of biblical books was approved and even in the heat of controversy, each other's faces were beaten – God got exactly the result that He needed.

    After all, He is all-powerful, and besides, if it were possible to pervert His Word , He would have nothing to ask us later.

    But in fact, when comparing the most ancient texts and modern ones, there is no significant difference, and translation errors are not a problem – there is other Greek. text with a subscript translator.

    But… as it is written – if someone decided that something is unclean, then everything will be unclean.

  15. Christianity belongs to one of the world's religions on a par with Buddhism and Judaism. Yes, of course, over a thousand-year history, it has undergone changes that have led to branches. The main ones are Orthodox and Catholic. Christianity also has other trends, but they are usually sectarian.

    To the question “Why do Christians not want to know the truth about Jesus Christ”, I can only answer that if there was a “truth”, it would be based on it, and not on the Holy Scriptures.�

    Correct any errors? How?

  16. 1. Because it is impossible to find out the truth without being able to travel through time.�

    1. Because a Christian, like an adept of any other religion, accepts Dogma. And the main Dogma of Christianity is not even the Bible, but the New Testament in the form in which it was approved by the Laodicean and Carthaginian Councils. All the other apocryphaes and such are considered heresy by the Church. Thus, there are no errors in the New Testament, including in relation to Jesus Christ, for a true Christian. All doubts are devilish temptations. Very convenient.�

    2. The truth of a significant number of Christians is also a big question. For example, according to the New Testament, “a rich Christian” is an oxymoron. After all, it is easier for a camel to crawl through the eye of a needle… And how to dispose of the wealth of a new convert is clearly spelled out in the Acts.�

    And despite the many temptations of this world, I haven't met many one-armed and one-eyed Christians. Apparently they are not afraid of eternal fire.

  17. Christianity cannot be rewritten. They copied texts written by people. They wrote with self-serving intentions for their own purposes. Religion and the church are two big differences. Priests are blind people who lead the blind (flock).

  18. John is not at all like 2 to 3 Evvngeli (synoptics), but they do not have the healing of Lazarus, for example. Correcting mistakes will shake your faith – if there is one mistake, there may be others.

  19. The four Gospels are similar to each other. According to the text of the Gospel, there are several plots and a highlight. Plot: 1) Criticism of the teachings of the “Teachers of Israel” – you can not follow their teachings… Indeed, it was during this period that the Talmudists began to write down the ORAL LAWS of MOSES… it matches.” 2) Jesus said that he did not come to abolish the ancient law, but to fulfill, so the Laws of Moses are the laws of Christians. 3) Miracles of healing people and other miracles that caused the Pharisees envy and excitement. Although many of them also believed !!!! Christianity has become global

    Thus, the conflict of the Messiah, who is from God, with those who “Sat on the seat of Moses”is traced… The highlight is that the Law,”not distorted “(not supplemented) by the” wise men”, was given to the faithful Apostles for safekeeping in the fact that Jesus is the Son of God (In fact, God appeared in the flesh).

    What can be twisted in this story? Change it? It has been transmitted for hundreds and thousands of years and is very simple. The point is quite clear. And the support is still the same Tanakh (Old Havet). There is no need to complicate things like Kabbalah or the like.

    It all comes down to two Commandments: 1) Love God with all your heart; 2) Love your neighbor as yourself… These are all the Laws and prophets….

    This is what Jesus taught… Simple is difficult to twist.

    And the Jewish PROPHETS, whom Christians believe, wrote the TRUTH about Jesus….

  20. Those who love the Almighty and his prophet Jesus they will find the way to whom they need and those who need power and money they are on the contrary. Here is a question for Christians in the time of Jesus there were neither crosses nor a name about Christianity or bells and Jesus did not say anything about it as he was a messenger of the Almighty God and the followers from where did they get them?

  21. Horses, people in a bunch. Faith and religion are two different and incompatible concepts. FAITH-I KNOW RA(I KNOW THE LIGHT, I KNOW THE LIGHT, I STRIVE FOR THE LIGHT!) Religion is a scientific discipline dedicated to the study and application of mass control in the humanoid masses with weak minds and little education. The entire response. They started a dispute, Hc.

  22. The Bible was written by the disciples of Jesus Christ (the Apostles) for whom he himself vouched that they were from the truth. Christianity is based on the Bible. Everything that exists in Christianity corresponds to the biblical teaching. Therefore, Christianity is from Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who is one with the Father. Because when Jesus was asked to show the Father, he said, ” How long have you seen me and asked me to show the Father, or do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in Me?”

  23. This is a very complex and multifaceted issue. If, for example, the question “what is astronomy” is answered with “the science of extraterrestrials”, such an answer will be meaningless. It is simply impossible to give a detailed answer.

    For example, what does “… was changed many times ” mean? Geographical representations have also changed many times, so what? Physical representations have changed and continue to change.�

    Why does a Christian believe? There is only one way to know the answer – to become a Christian. And the answer will be completely individual. Personally to you.�

    Neither an atheist, nor a non-Believer, nor even a Christian will give you an exhaustive answer. And don't ask. You can only find the answer in person.

  24. One example: St. Paul taught that a bishop should be a single-wife husband who takes care of his family. Here you can see what kind of Christian he is in the family, and so will he be in the church. In 680, it was decided that only monks who had not learned to love one person could be bishops. The monks renounced the world: power, money and fame, and the bishops began to pursue this. Hence all the troubles in the church.

  25. Christianity was as Jesus Christ preached it only for the first three centuries.This is written in the Qur'anic story “The Young Men of the Cave”.Then the Roman emperor decided to legalize Christianity and changed it to the form in which it is now, and stopped the persecution of Christians around the world.And the true Bible was hidden in the Vatican.But near the end of the world, the Almighty will reveal its location.

  26. I appeal mainly to the Russians, who are gods themselves; and to others who try to comment on “Christ”.�

    Russian people! Well, what are you talking about here? Everything about Christ is written in the Bible. But you people don't understand and don't see it.�

    Question to all of you: so where was Jesus anointed as Christ? Where is this mentioned in the Gospel? Nowhere! Then what “Christ” are you discussing and evaluating here (on your forum)? Which Christians are mentioned in the Gospels? and in what context? only once, and then in a negative way: “… many will come in My Name and say, ' I am a Christian.'”

    .. fear Christ.

  27. “16 (80). And the Gods will send them… A great Wanderer, bearing love, but the priests of the Golden Tour will give him a martyr's death. And after his death, they will declare him their GOD… and create a new Faith built on lies, blood and oppression… “Santi Veda Perun” Santi 5.”

    Now we know the truth about Radomir (Jesus Christ), about his real parents, his wife – Mary Magdalene, about his own brother, children, grandchildren…

    The personality, life and struggle of Radomir – the white Hierarch whom we now know as Jesus Christ, is probably one of the most intimate secrets of the parasitic system striving for world domination on our planet. Parasites launched a decisive attack on the Slavic-Aryan Empire about a thousand years ago, on the eve and with the onset of the natural phenomenon known to us as the Night of Svarog. For the first time, the physical essence of this phenomenon was revealed by academician Nikolai Levashov in the article “The Last Night of Svarog” in 2006. This last Night lasted for about 1,000 years, and ended in 1996.

    One of the attempts to stop or at least delay the activities of the “chosen people” (Jews) was the sending of Radomir, the white Hierarch, to them in the 11th century AD. How this attempt ended – everyone knows. But few people realize how many lies are being spun around this man and his family, how many beautiful people were killed by parasites and their servants in order to keep the truth about them secret, to impose a parasitic religion, later called Christianity, to keep us in darkness and ignorance, to enslave us and then destroy us. Millions of Slavs were brutally slaughtered, and, first of all, Strong People were destroyed – the color of the nation, Russ, who had a high level of evolutionary development, who had high potential and magical abilities. The dark ones were stronger then, and there was a real hunt for the Russ. And then they were covered in mud, other people's crimes were attributed to them, their exploits were appropriated by the enemies, their teachings were distorted and their names were changed. The enemies were so afraid and hated Radomir that even after hundreds of years they continued to layer up new portions of lies, and even periodically “confirming” their meanness with “scientific” research. We will present here all the information concerning Radomir and his family from the 1st volume of the book “Revelation”by Svetlana Levashova

    “…Tsar Grad, Constantinople or Istanbul. Tsar Grad and its bald mountain Beikos… – this is the place of the great tragedy, opposite Gul Gata-that is, in Swedish, the “Golden Gate“, the place that turned into” Golgotha” for Jesus Christ. (By the way, there is also a colossal tomb in which, as it is believed, the Old Testament Joshua is buried, which in the Western European versions of the New Testament is simply called Jesus, that is, Jesus.) Jesus). So, according to the considered phrase from the Gospel, the Galatians-Jews crucified Christ in Constantinople, and not at all in today's Jerusalem…”

    Radomir, that was his name, and the mask of Jesus, who lived a thousand years earlier, was put on him by the Jewish high priests. Read books by Levashov N. V.�

  28. To try to find the answer to your question, we need to give clear definitions of the concepts of “Christians”and ” Christianity”.

    I suspect that you are referring to the Orthodox. But often an Orthodox person can claim that he does not believe in God, but an Orthodox person by birth.

    In other words, an Orthodox person is not equal to a Christian.

  29. And why ? They're fine as it is. Have they (priests) been improving their well-being for hundreds of years?..and now all of a sudden nothing will change ? Even during the years of persecution, the church mimicked and adapted to the authorities…Well, now is a Golden time, though schismatics bite (in Ukraine), but it doesn't matter. The mafia is immortal !

  30. Even if Buddha, Moses, Confucius and Christ
    are a distant myth-we understand this —
    But still, you can't be like a one-year-old dog,
    To choke on everything and everyone with barking.

    Christ, the carpenter's son, was once executed…
    Let it be a myth, but still, when a passerby
    I asked Him, ” Who are you? “- He answered him:
    “The son of man,” but he did not say, ” The Son of God.”

    Let the myth be Christ, as Socrates was a myth,
    And maybe everything is taken from fiction —
    So what now with malice?
    Don't care about everything that is sacred in a person?

  31. what does Christianity and the church have to do with Jesus?) More or less the teaching of Jesus was followed only by some saints whose lives are described in the Bible in the lives of saints, well, the closest followers of Jesus and his disciples. And when the Christian Church as such appeared , it had nothing to do with Jesus. Just people greedy for power, money and other things in their interests turned the Bible and Jesus as it was convenient for them and these people called themselves the church.�

    What did the crusades and the destruction of people of other faiths in these campaigns have to do with the teachings of Jesus? and the Inquisition? and the church tithe, which was collected from all the inhabitants. And the fact that the church was the biggest landowner? and the extermination of pagans, Old Believers, Protestants, etc.? is this all that Jesus preached in his teachings?)) exactly) so there is nothing in common between them)

  32. That's exactly why Christianity was changing. From a great love for God, a desire to get closer to him, to comprehend the truth, to learn the truth, to correct mistakes.

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