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  1. The 0-energy hypothesis has recently become increasingly popular The universe. According to this hypothesis, the gravitational energy of the Universe is negative and is completely compensated by the positive mass energies and the dark energy of the Universe (the vacuum energy). And if the total energy is zero, then the universe cannot do any useful work, which means that it is not a perpetual motion machine, although everything is moving and spinning around.

  2. A perpetual motion machine must create energy out of nothing, so it is impossible. And the universe is just a system within which there is energy that is constantly being transformed from one state to another.

  3. Energy does not disappear, but does not “disappear” – this is a big difference. Any energy sooner or later dissipates in the surrounding thermal background, increasing the entropy of the Universe. And if the Universe did not constantly expand, sooner or later it would turn into a uniform rarefied plasma that does not “move” anywhere and does not “move” anything. However, given the factors unknown to science that cause the universe to expand rapidly, it can actually turn out to be anything, even the notorious perpetual motion machine.

    Do you remember how it was in “Carnival Night”: “Is there life on Mars, is there no life on Mars, science does not know…”?

  4. Yes!Exactly so!With the difference that in fact the energy becomes more.Dark energy, due to which the universe is expanding, is a property of the physical vacuum, which is becoming more and more,and,consequently, it is becoming more and more dark energy.This is surprising and contrary to the law of conservation of energy, which we are used to strictly following,but there are exceptions to each rule.This is a property of expanding space.

  5. No. Energy only passes through the universe, so that everything in it moves and works as it is now. How many entered, so much left, but along the way there was a transformation from one state to another, although at the exit it returns to the original one, because the balance of the Universe is its basis.

  6. Not the fastest. From the definition of the engine, it follows that there must be mechanical work at the output, which means that energy must go away. The universe doesn't do any work.

  7. Exactly so:) Moreover, the same method proves that the life of every being is infinite.

    The construction of a perpetual motion machine in the modern sense is impossible precisely because of the change in the properties of the materials that are being tried to use in it. There is nothing in the world that is always the same. Hence, the perpetual motion machine will work cyclically, and not evenly. We can see its local maximum, but when it reaches a minimum, we don't have the tools to measure it in any way.

  8. I dare say not. According to the big bang theory, our universe is constantly expanding and will eventually expand so much that Everything will break down to atoms, and then atoms. If only it was in the same state…

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