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  1. You make the classic logical mistake of mixing different semantic fields and logical systems: hence your question) �

    The maxim “God does not give trials beyond our strength” is a Christian philosophy. It, this Christian philosophy, prohibits suicide-precisely on the basis of this postulate, as well as some others, for example, “God sees the big picture and knows better than you what is best for you.”�

    No logical or philosophical models outside of Christianity prohibit suicide. Accordingly, there is no logical contradiction that you are talking about outside of Christian thought.

    And within its limits, a true Christian will never commit suicide, and no suicidal person is a true Christian.

  2. The devil cannot fight God directly, so He tries to do as much harm as possible by influencing man as His greatest creation. The most tangible “damage” is caused by involvement in the sin of suicide, which is equated by the church to the sin of murder, so those who attempt their own life, but remain alive, are penalized as a murderer.

    From the point of view of the church, nothing in the world happens without Divine permission (permission). A person in the face of difficulties is certainly put to the test. A person who is not strengthened in faith and has no spiritual experience, getting into situations that he considers hopeless, is constantly tempted by an attempt at so-called “escape”and is gradually inclined by demons to commit suicide.

    If someone believes that suicide is a way to end suffering, then they are deeply mistaken…. it is “not finite” for a simple reason – the soul of any person is immortal. Killing the body translates current problems into eternity, the state of internal hell cannot be solved by destroying the body, spiritual problems are healed by spiritual life, and usually the mental and psychological problems that accompany them are cured by a psychotherapist.

    Sandro Botticelli “Map of Hell “(“La mappa dell inferno”).

    St. Seraphim of Sarov said about suicide: “Ah, if you knew what joy, what sweetness awaits the righteous in heaven, you would decide to endure sorrows with thanksgiving in your temporary life. If this cell were full of worms, and they would eat our flesh all their lives, then even then we would have to agree to this with every desire, so as not to lose that heavenly joy! “

    Suicide – a person who died while trying to escape from himself…..

    “but he who endures to the end will be saved” (Matthew 10: 22).

    In the painting” Descent into Hell ” by Jacopo Bellini, Christ the Savior frees the righteous from the bosom of Abraham, granting them the finding of the Kingdom of Heaven.

  3. Because the real reason for suicide is not that the test was not up to the task, but that the person was too selfish to accept, accept his fate, and move on. Job the long-suffering was an ordinary man of flesh and blood, not at all blameless – he had experienced things that made one's hair stand on end, but he did not commit suicide, although he was urged to do so with all his might.

  4. Maybe because a person does not understand that this is a test, but simply thoughtlessly resents fate or God? And because he doesn't understand it, he can't pass it with dignity, so he doesn't fight depression, but gives up. A suicide bomber is like a soldier who sees an enemy, runs , and gets shot in the back. But I could have joined the fight, and who knows the result of the fight? God says you can do it!
    However, you know, every person is prone to suicide, this is an innate property of every sinner. And sinners are all human beings. For example, drunkenness is a slow suicide, smoking, overeating, laziness of the soul, anger that destroys the psyche, envy that eats the soul alive, unforgiveness – as a deep inner anger, selfishness-all this slowly but surely destroys life.
    The question is how to accept yourself-to promote innate suicide or get rid of your negative character traits, harmful lusts, and become stronger and wiser.
    However, to get rid of the evil in yourself, you need to see it, distinguish it. And to do this, you need to know what rules for life on earth are defined by the Creator of this life. And turn to God for help. I read the Bible, for example.

  5. An interesting question, to answer it, you need to fully understand the realities of the world in which you exist.

    God is great, but not omnipotent. Because God also has His ideological concept. And the cornerstone of His concept is the preservation of the autonomy of consciousness for each intelligent being. That is, God cannot order a person to make toto or toto. This is how he differs from Satan. God is not Dzhugashvili. God can only recommend. The final decision is left to the intelligent being.

    So if a sentient being decides to go to hell, how can God forbid it? This will violate the established rules.

    In addition, you need to understand that we do not live in Heaven. On neebs there are only Gods and Angels. Therefore, there the will of God is absolute. Earth is quite another matter.

    Here, in addition to God's will, there is also the will of people, the power of nature, the cosmos, and most importantly the will of Satan. Our world is a battleground between Satan and God. Most intelligent beings, whether they want to or not, are between these two principles. No matter how much people want to separate from them, it is impossible to do this. Because they represent two ideological worldview advantages. Any concept, however structured and based on whatever it is, will lie somewhere between God and Satan. But it can't be outside of them.

    The fate of a person is the sum of the work of the consciousnesses of a person and the entities surrounding him

    Korchevnikov even has a cool program called The Fate of Man. But few people know what it is. And this is what it is. The sum of the work of human consciousness and the environment.its corresponding entities. We are surrounded, first of all, by other people. It is they who determine 99% of our destiny. No matter how offensive this may sound to us. In 99% of cases of suicide, people from the suicidal environment are to blame. And by the way, not always from the nearest one.

    But in addition to people, there are also demons, which are often operated by the hands of people and the forces of nature, the cosmos, and the ultimate power of God. But both God and the devil on Earth work through people. Angels and demons take possession of us and force us to do this or that.

    Nature is also subject to Angels and demons.

    Man has not yet studied the properties of the surrounding world, but we know exactly what fate is. Therefore, the question becomes urgent.

    And what resources does God really have to stop a person from taking the appropriate suicidal step? Upon closer inspection, we will see that there are no resources. Man has decided for himself, and God is not a dictator to impose his will on him.

  6. Because there is freedom of choice for a person. The atheist believes that death is the end of suffering, the believer thinks that suicide is the beginning of suffering, since it is a sin and then 100% to hell.

    God does not dictate how to live, he only warns about the consequences. And life's difficulties are just a test, an interview if you want. What is 100 years of life compared to eternity?�

    It doesn't matter to God what is important to people. Death in religion is only a transition to another world. So it doesn't matter if you lived poorly or richly, 100 years or one hour. The main thing is believed, did not believe, sinned, did not sin, repented did not repent. Nothing else matters.

  7. Good question. But I'm afraid that only God himself can answer it.

    By the way. Almost all suicides are the result of mental illnesses: depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and so on. Isolated cases of suicide without mental pathology.

  8. An emotionally sane person will never commit suicide. James 1: 14,15 also says that ” everyone is tempted, being carried away and deceived by his own lust. But lust, when conceived, begets sin, and sin done begets death.” Of course, it is convenient to blame God for everything, but mostly the causes of our suffering are ourselves, or other people. For example: the drug-addicted son dies of a drug overdose, the mother is emotionally unable to bear the loss from grief and commits suicide.. Who is to blame, God? There is also such a factor – time and chance, no one canceled it.

  9. I think the catch is in the concept of “by force”, in its application in general. In other words, we are talking about the overall state of resources and capabilities. So, the future suicide is quite capable of coping with the situation, he has this reserve of strength, with the proper internal approach, he can resolve his situation, but he chooses to give up at some stage, does not use his strength to the end. I understand that.

  10. I think it's because people are weak, and some are weaker than others. They perform them in a moment of weakness, maybe under the influence of the moment, with their hands down, or because of mental illness. And if God gives trials, then it is unlikely that He gives the strength to withstand them, it is already in the hands of a person to find them.

  11. Didn't a man who wanted to kill himself have a choice but to do something else?

    He wasn't killed against his will, and God didn't allow anything to kill him.

    But he decided to kill himself and killed of his own free will, even though he could have overcome all the challenges and become stronger.

    However, he chose to give up and voluntarily give up the life given to him by God, and the responsibility for this lies with him, not with God.

    Well, as Sergey said: “… a future suicide bomber is quite capable of coping with the situation, he has this reserve of strength, with the proper internal approach, he can resolve his situation, but he chooses to give up at some stage, does not use his strength to the end,” which I, in general, agree with.

    With respect.

  12. I think there is only one reason-a person once (maybe it was formed in childhood) lost faith in himself.His life was such that he didn't really try to understand himself.And at some point, the circle closed.

  13. God does not give any tests at all. All the tests a person picks up on his own head. Or else it's the devil's doing. God simply evaluates how a person has lived their life, done more good or evil. And he doesn't need rides for that. Suicide is also a consequence of human stupidity or the suggestion of evil forces. God does not need such desertion.

  14. Why do people have suicidal thoughts?

    First, we live in extremely difficult times. And many people, including teenagers, are acutely aware of the pressure of modern life. Secondly, because of human imperfection, some people have a deep-rooted habit of seeing themselves and the world around them in a negative light. In some cases, this is due to ill-treatment, in others-some kind of illness ( psychological disorder). Young people can be traumatized by such circumstances as:

    • death of a relative, friend, or pet

    • family troubles

    • learning difficulties

    • breakup of a romantic relationship

    • abuse ( physical or sexual abuse).

    According to experts, people ,including teenagers, who give up and do not want to fight , feel completely helpless and hopeless , i.e. they do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. They don't want to die , they just want to get rid of the pain , but they don't know how. To do this, you need to seek help from others who can help, and not keep this pain to yourself.

  15. It is very important for God to see how a person does not give up on Him under any circumstances. How a person sometimes endures torments, privations, and tortures while remaining faithful to God. YOU know what torments athletes suffer to get on the podium at the Olympics. Do you know what torments and hardships fighters suffer to put on a maroon beret?God does not give trials to anyone . There is a parallel world of dark energy just demons. So they torment a person by FILLING his head with THOUGHTS of suicide. That is, if an ordinary person who is not subject to demonic influence reads the call of some blogger with a call to suicide, considers him sick and forgets in a minute. Then the person whom the demons have taken on the hook will begin to roll these thoughts from one half of the brain to the other and vice versa And if at the beginning this thought will be terrible then in two or three days it will be normal and in a week it will be a guide to action.How to avoid this. The Lord Jesus Christ said that these people can be overcome by fasting and prayer. And most importantly, the most terrible weapon for demons is the Holy Communion of Christ's Mysteries. But only a PROPER communion saves you from the dark energy. The road will be mastered by walking !!! Be bold in the knowledge of God.

  16. In addition, GOD will still kill a person in the sky with solar radioactive radiation.
    Therefore, GOD acts as a murderer and many people want to commit suicide, because with a killer GOD here it will be dangerous to be with the end of the world.

  17. Because God gave man the gift of free will. But a person, having free will, is also an imperfect being (“I know that I don't know anything”). Due to their own imperfection (ignorance of the Law of God) and having free will, a person sometimes commits irreparable acts, including suicide. A person due to ignorance does not see a way out of difficult life situations and makes an irreparable decision to commit suicide. That is why mutual help, support in life and faith in God are so important to people. And knowledge is a lucrative business.

  18. There is no such thing as a test of strength. All of them are terrible. And of course, it's totally unfair that someone should experience unbearable suffering while the other is experiencing joy in life. But we live in such an imperfect world…Most often, good people suffer. Another thing is that any test in theory can be postponed at the end. It's only a matter of time. Suicides are committed during the period of exacerbation. It's like a moment of insanity. As a reaction to extreme emotional pain. People who commit suicide most often regret their actions already during the period of committing suicide. Although sometimes much later. In my life, there was an occasion when, in theory, I “had every right” to do such a thing. But to protect myself, I went to neurology. But I remember that moment when I stood at the window and told myself that this was not the way out. As a result, the traumatic situation almost disappeared after a few years. I don't regret not taking this step. And a friend regrets that she has several suicide attempts behind her back (we have the same traumatic situation). Everything in her life eventually got better. She now works as a CFO for a large company. Of course, such a fact of biography does not have a positive effect on its reputation. In any case, my point is that not committing suicide when it is absolutely unbearable is rather possible. Insanely difficult, but possible. I know people who could even survive the seemingly most terrible thing – the death of a child. It's all in ourselves. Only we are in control of the situation. Maybe God doesn't even send trials! Life is random. Everything happens by itself. God is only watching what is happening. People who endure hardships without a murmur acquire the crown of martyrdom. Don't you need someone to fill out the form? I still tend to believe that God forgives suicides. It's just that we don't need to know, so that we don't have to.

  19. Christians are forbidden to commit suicide for the most banal reason: so as not to reduce the flock and, accordingly, the income of a religious organization. A person who doesn't value life, certainly doesn't value money. So this is a big loss for crooked priests, and they try to prevent it under the threat of the most severe punishment (in the next world, of course).

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