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  1. And who says that God is timeless? The scriptures say that time passes differently for God than it does for us humans. God says that 1000 years for us is one day for God. God cannot change the events of the past, because God fulfills with absolute accuracy all the laws and rules that He has established for everything that exists. But God can, and does, use the events of the past for the good of the future. All the terrible events of the Old Testament, including the great flood, are described in the Holy Scriptures, so that we can have a lesson in what is made of what, and what leads to what, and how to get out of any hopeless situation, with the help of God, who knows all the ins and outs. For those who rely only on the Bible, God speaks these words.” The Bible, the Bible, we have the Bible, and there can be no other Bible. But thus saith the Lord God; O foolish ones, they will have the Bible; and it will come from the Jews, My ancient covenant people. And how do they thank the Jews for the Bible they receive from them? And what is on the mind of the Gentiles? Do they remember the sufferings and labors and pain of the Jews, and their zeal for Me in bringing salvation to the Gentiles? O you Gentiles, have you ever remembered the Jews, My ancient covenant people? No, but you cursed and hated them, and you didn't want them back. But behold, I will turn all these things on your heads; for I, the Lord, have not forgotten my people. You are an unintelligent speaker; the Bible is our Bible, and we don't need another Bible. Would you have received the Bible if it wasn't through the Jews? Do you not know that there are more nations than one? Do you not know that I am the Lord your God, who created all men, and that I remember those who are in the isles of the sea; and that I rule in the heavens above and on the earth below; and I declare My word to the children of men, and even to all the peoples of the earth? Why are you afraid, then, because you will receive even more of My word? Do you not know that the testimony of two nations is a proof to you that I am God, that I remember one nation as well as the other? Therefore I speak the same words to one nation as to another, and when these two nations come together, the testimony of these two nations will also come together.”

  2. No, He can't, in the same sense that He can't be wrong.
    Absolutely all events are controlled by the Almighty. If any event of the past needed to be changed, it would mean that the Almighty had made a mistake by performing the previous event in an unfortunate way. But He is never wrong, all events happened in the best way, as God planned, so no past events need to be changed, any change will worsen it.

  3. This is an interesting question. I think that within the framework of Christian philosophy there is no single answer, and theology also does not provide an answer. But yes, God can make “things that were never”, otherwise it is not clear how God will make happy in paradise those who have survived terrible trials and tortures. The only thing is that God will not do this: 1) as long as the world exists and history lasts (since this would be a gross interference with the free will of people), 2) Without the consent of the person himself in eternity – that is, what a person wants to forget, in eternity God will change for him. That is, “changing the past” will be possible for humanity only after the completion of earth's history and entering eternity.

    By the way, it is not entirely correct to say that God is only “timeless.” He is timeless in the sense that time has no power over Him and He is not limited by time, and so He exists both outside of time and in time, otherwise He would not be able to pray, He would not hear prayers, being outside of time. God is generally omnipresent, at any point in time and space. At least if we think about it while remaining within the framework of Christianity, it will be so.

  4. And Yes. �And no.

    Here you are running the Universe on your computer. You are out of her time. �You can pause it. �For example. �You can often speed up or slow down the flow of its time-compared to your watch. �You often have the option to save. This means that you can restore the universe, return it to the saved one, and “turn back the clock”. �You can restart the universe from scratch. It is created in relation to yours. It was created. �And you-launched, support… you pay for its existence (electricity, computer depreciation).

    Are the restrictions clear? �For you, you can restart the universe and turn the events that have already happened for bots in a different way. �For the bots themselves, you are them… just kill them. �You will kill them by restoring their “young” versions. But for the old,nothing from their past will change.

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