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  1. Created out of love and allowed freedom out of love. Knowing that they will sin and that they will have to suffer for it Themselves. It is only the unloving who prevent the imperfect from being born, and only the unloving who do not give them freedom.

  2. Llc. Two people often talk to each other at fundamentally different levels of perception of the world and relationships. For example, one at the purely logical level of arguments, and the other at the level of values, feelings, passion.�

    And they can talk for hours, and still not get through to the meaning and essence of each other's worldview.


    With all my atheism, one answer to your question would be cultural and historical: an attempt to describe what was going on in the minds of people several thousand years ago who composed just such a fairy tale.

    Another answer is a logical one, using formal logic, syllogisms, and cutting off the speculations and comments of the “church fathers” – here, there is the text of the book of Genesis, and we proceed from it, only from it. Then, of course, yes: a completely illogical story.

    The third answer is fantasy, based on human psychology, and even today. Like, yes, such an authoritarian father-patriarch, but not like the shepherds and sheikhs of the time when this story was written, but such an advanced one, who was ahead of his time, at least by the time of the Enlightenment, there is a Marseillaise, an Encyclopedia, personal freedom-in short, an authoritarian patriarch, but at the same time pushed back to free will. And for the manifestations of this freedom, he is fiercely punishing. -“Hell, it still sounds more like a psychopath.” -“Well, okay, let's say a god with a healthy mind, just at the same time authoritarian and encouraging freedom of choice.

    The fourth answer-listen, well, he's God. Not even a human. Here two people cannot understand without a bottle (see the first two paragraphs), and you want to try to understand the systemic processes of values, feelings, thinking and behavior of a fundamentally different organism without a face-to-face dialogue. Well, it's true, it says: “pull off”. That is, ugh, ” the ways of the Lord are mysterious.” I mean, “pull it off.”


    Here it is either to believe, or nunafik. Your question is the same as rushing to Malevich's” Black Square ” with a centimeter tape. THAT'S NOT WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT.

  3. God had a choice: to make another animal that does only what is built into it. But without free will, without the creative gift. And it is better without the opportunity to learn and analyze a lot.

    But such a being cannot know God, cannot become like Him. This property of the Creator cannot be explained to a being without free will.

    So it turns out: free will and limited knowledge already has a high probability of error and fall. But without this, God would not have those freely and sincerely loving sons and daughters who delight Him by freely striving to do His holy will.

  4. God created the first humans and gave them free will. And he didn't abuse his gift of looking into the future of Adam and Eve. By giving the command not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, God allowed people to decide for themselves whether they would follow him. But he warned me about the consequences.

  5. It is for this purpose that God created man, so that having the freedom of choice , they could make their own choice, as Eve did. Having tasted the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil, she made her choice in favor of the very first commandment of God “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the Earth” God created the Earth so that Adam and Eve and their descendants would fill it, and not just the Garden of Eden. As soon as God announced the prohibition for Adam and Eve, it was a signal for Satan, he had an opportunity to tempt and Satan took advantage of this with success. Adam supported Eve in her choice and also tasted from her hands. And so God's plan came true. And the earth is filled with Adams and Eves. If you want to interest your child in something, then set a ban on it, and the child will definitely examine this case.

  6. And God “allowed” Adam and Eve to sin in order that for the Love of their birthright, or for the Love of God, for God is Love, they might learn to use their own efforts, rejecting sin!

    Not under compulsion from outside, but of your own free will!

  7. Good and Evil are an eternal theme. Embodied in the Apple of Knowledge symbol, this problem was bound to be solved sooner or later. This leads to the conclusion that Creation and the World (Eden) described in the Bible are the result of numerous trials and errors of our God. And finally, he managed not to distribute good and evil in equal proportions in the world he created (this is still a hell of a job), but to give us freedom of choice. And we didn't have to wait another trillions of years (!!!) to be born – The time axis turned and the earth clock went. The unfortunate version of creation is directly indicated by the presence of a previously created entity-Lucifer. And it was his desire to stubbornly push through this disastrous technology of artificial planting of Evil and Good that caused the collapse and fiasco. Another took his place next to the Father and gave us love for our neighbor and the gift of forgiveness. Goodbye and be forgiven)

  8. And in what did they sin?))

    That they disobeyed and showed their will?�

    So this is normal)) �for a developing consciousness, this is NORMAL�

    Ask any child psychologist,

    • “who will grow out of a child if he is not allowed to explore the world on his own? “

    • “who will grow out of a person if he is deprived of his own experience of knowledge? “

    Or that God created man to grow up as obedient “vegetables” who don't even have their own opinions?�

    Who needs such creations?�

    Who of the ordinary “earth” parents would want their children to be able to work?

    they only did what they were told,�

    they only thought what they were told

    And of their own free will, themselves..�

    Couldn't create anything?�

    The answer is more than obvious

    And rather, God is much more intelligent than human ideas about him and sin.�

    If a person does not have inner knowledge, then no prohibitions and beliefs will stop him.�

    And similarly, if the soul has confidence in what is good and what is bad, then no amount of temptations, requests and threats will make it commit a rash act.

    This inner knowledge cannot be purchased in a bookstore or “coaxed” from a neighbor.�

    It is acquired by awareness through life experience.�


    man “in the image and likeness”�

    It is endowed with free will creative power and CREATOR CONSCIOUSNESS

    but where the person lost all this and where he buried it is another question))

  9. Created because he is the Creator. When an automobile factory produces cars, for some reason no one presents him with a complaint about how he allowed the driver to get drunk behind the wheel. Then this driver copulated with a woman and they had a child who was not guilty of anything, but he also got drunk behind the wheel of a car that the automobile plant made. But not to get drunk behind the wheel and leave this planet for some reason does not occur to anyone, although someone constantly talks about it. Is the car factory to blame again?

  10. Well, I gave the same freedom of will, to test, And then how I created something, you test it for all sorts of destabilizing factors to find out what the weaknesses are, it is quite used by humanity to test their creations

  11. In my opinion, no one raised the question: “Why?” If you love, why create a creature, condemning it to torment? Why do you need to create someone for the purpose of gaining experience, who needs this experience? For those who say that there is not only torment, but also joy, the question is: why should an entity have joy if it does not exist yet? Let's create a creature, and let it rejoice and suffer. Why… How and why? Well, he will like to be happy, he will cling to this joy, he will be afraid of suffering and run away from them! Isn't it beautiful? “No,” I said.

    About free will. It exists for us only from our point of view. From the outside, we are just a program. It's like throwing a rock, knowing what trajectory it's going to take, and still claiming that it has free will (which, by the way, it does).

  12. In general, the Creator God is discussed only in the first chapter of the Bible.�

    The Creation of man
    26. And God said, Let us make man in our image after our likeness, and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth
    . And God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them
    , and the Lord blessed the people and gave them all power over all things
    .28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air ,and over every living thing that creeps on the earth

    29. And God said, ” Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed that is on all the earth, and every tree with the fruit of a tree yielding seed; these things shall be for food for you.” And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every creeping thing that creeps on the earth, in which there is a living soul, I have given all greenness
    . And God saw all that He had made, and, behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning: the sixth day
    Chapter 2 The Divine Rest of the Seventh Day
    1. Thus are the heavens and the earth and all their host made perfect
    2. And on the seventh day God finished his work that He had made. and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.
    3. And God blessed the seventh day, and hallowed it: for in it he rested from all his works, which God had made and made.

    That is, after the creation of the earth and people, God did not create anything else. And from the second chapter, we are already talking about a certain Lord. He builds the Garden of Eden in the east in the rocky mountains, sculpts the dust of the earth gardener Adam, and from his rib clones his assistant Eve. Restricts their rights. Obviously, this is some kind of creature that conducted genetic experiments. And if the Creator was always happy with his work, said that it was good, then the Lord is evil and unpredictable. His clones were simply biorobots who were bound to worship only him. He didn't know anything in advance, he did everything from a fool, as it turns out. As a result, the entire Bible from the second chapter is a story of shoals of this incomprehensible creature, which is called the Lord there.

  13. This legend is initially contradictory. But even in good fairy tales, there is an understandable motivation. Why does God create the world and people? The reason? Bored? An experiment? To have them? Is there a phrase in the Bible to praise him? Out of vanity, then? Are you sure this is God?

    Why not create both a man and a woman at once? Didn't see it coming? He didn't have a plan, did he?

    Why put a dangerous tree in the garden for unsophisticated and inexperienced creatures, and even directly provoke them, would not have been suitable.

    How did a slippery reptile who is a million times smarter end up in a perfect garden? Why punish people then? And after being exiled for billions of years, tens of thousands of people must atone for this indiscretion? Is this really the God of Justice and Mercy?

    The story about the necessary temptation also does not clarify the situation. Are there any parents among you who enjoy the torment of the child you decided to test? In a word, questions about this strange and cruel fairy tale do not make sense.

  14. Experience, including negative ones, is a very valuable thing, and there is no place without it. He is, in the apt phrase of a well-known classic, a Great Teacher of Life, although at the same time he is the Son of difficult mistakes.

    Oh how many wonderful discoveries we have
    The Spirit of Enlightenment prepares
    And experience is the son of difficult mistakes
    And a genius is a friend of paradoxes.

    The Jewish sages have a similar expression:

    In Judaism, there is a general rule: every fall occurs for the sake of some kind of ascent, and this ascent is performed at a higher level than the previous fall. Consequently, the state of the world after the gift of the Torah was higher than before Eve's sin. According to the same rule, the era of Mashiach will be more perfect than the time of giving the Torah.

    This is some kind of metaphysical evolution, with transitional species and all that, without which most likely humanity would not have been able to come to the growth of self-consciousness and perfection. Basically, what is human life with its difficulties? A moment in the perspective of eternity. And this moment, its difficulties, is not a great price for a lesson, a payment for the eternal.

  15. God Almighty shared the joy of life with people, giving people the qualities that he shows himself. With the best of intentions, a person could choose what to do, listen to his father or the serpent, or his wife. Eve had to listen to her husband, Adam of God. The Lord allowed for the possibility of disobedience, but He wanted people to obey him out of love and gratitude, not out of fear of punishment.
    Knowing the thoughts of the angel who deceived people, the Lord allowed all this so that later no creation in heaven or on earth would rebel saying that God was wrong. Time has shown that people can be happy only in one case, if they live according to the norms of God. No one and nothing can give us a happy life. The Lord has not abandoned his plan on earth and will fulfill it without fail.

  16. I will give an example of the earth. All scientists know what rats are, how they work, and how they live. But they put experiments on them and expect something new, evolutionary… Maybe someone will cross a rat with a human gene and wait for it to speak .

    Now imagine earthlings in the form of rats and a Mega-experimenter, who has only God knows how many civilizational laboratories)))

    Yes, He knows all about us in advance.�

    But Adam and Eve's Istria didn't change much. And they were much older than us. If you thought about the abilities of clairvoyants and clairvoyants, then these are just the remnants of the abilities of the first people. The majority of those we have lost.

  17. When answering, I would proceed from two statements::1. The Lord created man free. (Freedom implies a choice between good and evil.) 2. Man is not perfect by nature. ( Only the Lord is perfect) Bottom line: people tend to make mistakes. We know that our children will make mistakes. We hope that they will learn from their mistakes. And we give birth.

  18. First, I still have a question about the first and second chapters of Genesis. Yes, in the second God creates Adam, and then-Eve. But in the first one, he had already created men, male and female, in his own image and likeness, and both at once. Somewhere, by the way, there was a funny comment that what kind of God is this, whose image is “both a man and a woman” at the same time? I'm sorry, I only know one such person – Shiva / Shakti. But this is so, a digression.
    As for my understanding, possibly erroneous, of your question. If you accept God as omnipotent and omniscient, then of course he not only knew about the” sin ” of Adam and Eve, but he, existing outside of time, knows about everything that was, is, and will be. After all, time is a shaky category, we can say that it exists only for us (at least as we perceive it). It turns out that God deliberately created a person who is predisposed to”sin”. Can you go into philosophy and speculate about what ” sin ” is? And does it exist, in principle? If everything is already decided (otherwise God is not omniscient), then sin, in a good way, does not exist. The creature only performs a program/role according to a script that God “wrote” long ago. Why would he do that? Don't know. Now, in Hinduism, there seems to be a concept of “God's play”. There, “Vishnu's game”, for example. Maybe God is just bored and playing?) One reassuring thing is that sooner or later this “game” will end.

  19. It is important to remember that all intelligent creatures have the freedom of choice, and this imposes a responsibility on them. It is clear from the Scriptures that God invites such creatures to use this gift,which means that they are responsible for their actions
    Humans are not robots!
    (1 Corinthians 2: 16).For who knows the mind of the Lord that he can judge him?

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