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  1. To answer the question, the Creator is so vast and incomprehensible to our consciousness that people probably never realize how unconscious they are

  2. When a confused young couple secludes themselves on their wedding night after the sacrament of Marriage in a church, is God watching over them? When a respectable and decent priest sits on the toilet, does God watch over him? It is unlikely that these questions bother a sane person, and even if we assume that God is watching, then believe me, he remains cool to it. He probably has more important things to do. Monitor 7 billion people, and it is also possible that there is other life in the universe on billions of stars? Everyone often prays with some urgent desires, often with complaints. God must be tired… In general, everything that we do, feel and think should be recorded somewhere in some noospheres, but only when I think about it, it seems to me that if the Internet is so spammed, then the noosphere should already be sinking from the pile of slag and rot that people shove there. So do not worry too much if it seems to us that the elders sigh with reproach in heaven when we commit a sin, the angels say they cry, and God sees everything.

  3. Yes, you can attract God under many articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. For example, Article 105 (murder of two or more people) – one flood is worth something, Article 131 (rape) – everyone also remembers the Virgin Mary.

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